Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Is it really the last day of 2008. On New Year's Eve, I usually spend some time looking through my blog archives and scrapbook pages to reflect the year gone by. We all speak of the happy times and relish in those moments. Who doesn't love to hear about one anothers good cheer. We have had many many happy times and most wonderful opportunities this year. God is good. With that said, this year my family had some really low points too - more than one life altering experience really. Reflecting on that is bittersweet today. As bad as some of those times were, most offered growth. This past year our family changed - a lot. Today as I reflect, I am thankful it's passed and grateful that we stand stronger.

I welcome with open arms 2009.

This year I have chose one little word for 2009... you see I put it on my blog header for a daily reminder. Harmony. This year I will strive to bring harmony to every aspect of my life.

I made a lo with my word too.

This will be a short post today. There are lots of sales today in digiland. Here's one you won't want to miss -

And most importantly - Happy New Year my friends! I hope the year 2009 is the best one yet!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

{we are} storytellers

Okay someone pinch me! I am so happy to say that I am joining their amazing team. I'm not sure its completely sunk in yet. :)

Check out this FREE kit by em at MM -


Friday, December 26, 2008

Winter is here

and giving us lots of snow.

But just before the weather changed I was able to get these pics of the kiddos.

Where have I been this past few weeks? Well, not at work. lol! The last three days of school was called for snow. It started off like this-

It was so pretty. And just the right amount of snow fell for the kids to go sledding. So as soon as there was a break they were out on our private road going at it. Of course I joined in on the fun too- mostly as the photographer but I did make a couple of runs.

And more snow came. That meant we needed to bake some sweets. Twas almost Christmas...

Then of course we wrapped presents, watched some Christmas movies, played the Wii and spent lots of fun time together as it kept snowing and snowing and snowing...

There it shows 14" but on Monday we were up to 18". It was crazy I tell you. Then on Christmas Eve it rained. That did not make the snow go away by any means but it did make it very heavy and slushy. We definately lost mass, but I would say with the snow we got again yesterday, we easily still have a foot of snow here.

And here's a glimpse of our Christmas morning-

I'll catch up with the scrappy stuff next post. :)

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I hope the good cheer and happiness follow you well into the new year. Happy Holidays my friends!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tis the Season

Surprises are rolling in... I mentioned in my last post how happy I was to finally have a schedule change at work. This week, 2 more pretty awesome and unexpected things happened. I teach 2 six grade art classes a week and so wanted to introduce them to photoshop. After a really long wait, (I'd actually given up hope that I'd get the computers)Wednesday the computer guy brought them in and set them up in my room. I am estatic!!! And, I also run the cricut machine at work and cut out letters for the classroom bulletin boards and projects. Well, I was told Friday that there was some extra money and to order some new cartridges and supplies. Fun, fun, fun.

And at home, we ended up just staying in on our Anniversary. The kids were home so we rented a couple of movies and did a family movie night. Not as exciting as I had planned but things don't always turn out the way we plan, right?!? lol. And Friday I became a grandma. Okay not really but for the weekend. lol. Dear son has to do a baby project where they care for a doll that simulates a newborn. I totally forgot how little of sleep there is for all with a baby in the house. lol! It's been a great experience for him though.

Snow snow snow is in the air. We woke to a dusting yesterday. This morning there was a little more. And it just started again. They are calling for four inches today. The kids are SO excited.

I have a few layouts and an ornament I made that I'd like to share.

I also added a new tutorial this week on redecorating picture frames. There's a link in the side bar for those interested. :)

Have a super Sunday my friends!

Saturday, December 06, 2008


Where oh where has this last week gone? Oh where oh where can it be? Lol!

Seriously, this last week was gone in a blink.

I wanted to share a few pics from our trip last weekend to Portland International Raceway's Winter Wonderland light show.

And this one is for Joy, my friend at the beach. (It's a little blurry but there's a lighthouse off in the distance there.)

If you live in the area, this is really a fun family activity. My kids are teenagers and still love doing this. (They pack up blankets and pillows in the back seat of the car (We live a little more than an hour away so there's a little drive) and sometimes they even go in their PJ's.) When you get there you are offered a Christmas CD to play, candy canes are passed around, and you are asked to dim the headlights and enjoy the light scenes as your drive around the track.

I have much to be thankful for this week-

1. my glasses came in on Wednesday and my headaches immediately went away - praise the Lord!
2. I had an opportunity to contribute to the DST Insider that came out this month - it was an awesome edition that was cram packed with hybrid ideas (check our pg 40 & 41) :)
3. the computer is starting to look good again - fonts and photoshop back up and running this week
4. a much needed change in my schedule at work has finally come - *dancing over this one!*
5. my friends came through and donated enough scrappy supplies for all of the students in both of my art classes to make holiday gifts to take home - my friends -> YOU ROCK! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Mwah!

I did a little scrapping this week too.

Monday. Monday will be dear hubby and my wedding anniversary. I'm still not sure what we will do that day, but I know the special day is something we will joyfully celebrate. He is the love of my life.

Yep, there we were at the reception, dancing. 12/2000

Well, this weekend I need to get the housework done and then I want to work on a some hybrid projects. Also a few more tutorials to add here at the blog. So I better get to it. :)

I hope you all have a super fab weekend. Thank you so much for stopping by!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Is it taboo?

They say one should not talk about money, religion or politics...

I want to discuss religion. Today we are starting at a new church and we are full of hope. With these changes I've been giving this area thought...

I've had an interesting relationship with religion in my life. My mother was "religious" and my father was agnostic. Growing up, my mother was not what I would consider a christian, but because she went to church most Sunday's she felt that was all that was necessary to qualify for the title. (Breezing through this period here because we all know people like that...) Growing up, I had real questions about religion which my mother "the christian" couldn't answer but instead embarrassed me telling others I was a "non-believer". This lead me, as a child, to feel that if her poor lifestyle was a "christian" one... Then heck yeah I was agnostic too!

Luckily, in my heart, I knew different.

So in most of my adult life I have chose to go to church. I have chose to live(and live being the operative word here) a christiam life. I have come to terms with the religion I grew up with and that which I know to be true. I don't preach or judge. I set an example in my every day living.

I left a church I attended many years ago when I moved and got married. My husband and I have attended another church which we came to love as a second family. The church began having trouble a few years ago which led to change. So we have been searching for a new home once again. The pastor of our old church who is also a great friend suggested the church we are attending this morning. I'm really looking forward to it. I hope this church is what our family is looking to become part of. It's very exciting!

I just read the post to this point and you know, I haven't also been able to sum that up so neatly. I've really come a long way. I'm proud of myself! :)

And moving on. So... Thanksgiving weekend here has been wonderful. We had tons of delicious food. I cooked and this year it seemed like a breeze. Really! Some years it feels like I'm in the kitchen all day and even need help at times, but this year it all come together so quick and neat. I even got in a nap!

Friday, dear hubby, daughter and I went out shopping. Four in the morning is too early to rise! Lol! But I did in fact get some most awesome deals. This was darling daughters first time out on Black Friday. She too loved the deals. I don't always go out the day after Thanksgiving, but with money being tight this year, I braved the crowds. Later that day we had left overs and watched a family movie.

Saturday, the husband and kids decorated the outside of the house with Christmas lights. I stayed inside and unpacked the village and other decorations. In the evening we headed to PIR. We had a great night. Dinner at BJ's, ice cream at Cold Stone, and a tour of winter wonderland lights. It was a wonderful evening... almost magical. The weather was just perfect- no rain but cool and crisp. I was able to have the window rolled down through the light show so I could take pics. It was awesome!

Today, we are going to church and then coming home to decorate the inside of the house and our tree. Fun fun fun! My camera is going to be loaded by the time this weekend is over. :)

I also scrapped a lo in the last few days-

I have a couple more things in the works but that I'll save for another post.

Thank you for stopping in. I hope you are all happy and well - and reflecting on a amazing weekend you shared with your family!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dear Santa...

Can you somehow magically get my computer running ship shape by Christmas? I've been a good girl this year...

Okay so really, I had to start over with the ol' computer. It'll probably take me until Christmas to get her back.

I scrapped one layout this week between the chaos. Karah came out with this amazing christmas kit...

The kids and I have a half day at school/work and then we are off to enjoy the little Thanksgiving break. Yay! Always so much to be thankful for. I've really been looking forward to Thanksgiving break this year too. I'm embarrassed to share this but maybe it'll give you a giggle. I've had so much on my mind lately that when I went out and bought a big huge turkey the other day I got all the way home before I realized I left it on the shopping cart in the parking lot. Last month I did nearly the same thing when I bagged all my groceries and then walked out to my car with an empty cart. I so need a break. Lol!

We plan to spend lots of quality time together, decorate over the weekend for Christmas and put up the tree. We also collect a village scene. The kids love love love putting that up this time of year. And we are surpising the kids one night and driving up to PIR. We did this a few years ago and it was so much fun.

This is only a quick post but I wanted to wish all my friends the most merry and bright Thanksgiving. Much peace and happiness to you and yours!

Friday, November 21, 2008

In light of recent events

this seems small scale.

I know that it isn't.

I spent 4 hours yesterday afternoon with customer service at Microsoft because of computer issues. The automatic updates I did a week ago completely wigged out and disable much of my computer. We went through many steps and in the end removed the service pack 3 which is apparently notorious for being malicious to some computers. It corrupted files and there was loss of much. I am told the only option is to do a system restore. Recovery isn't even possible. *Sigh*

Guess what I will be doing this weekend.

Before this drama, I scrapped this pic with MK designs new kit. It's from some pics I took of the kids last Christmas. TFL!

Okay, I have a few more things to share but it'll need to wait. I've hopped onto the kids computer this morning and can't tie it up for too long because darling daughter is politely waiting for print something off before school.

Did I mention darling daughter and I have a date tonight to see Twilight? Are you going?

Have a super Friday!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Computer Ick

I mentioned in my last post about a trojan horse that slipped in with some automatic updates. Knock on wood, I've been so very lucky not to have problems like that before on this computer. I was able to get rid of it quickly. But it seems that things are running quite right either. I can't do a disk defrag. My antivirus quit working. I get a odd message upon start up of my computer. I spent all last night trying to hunt down and pin point the problem. I found the files that were downloaded the other day and I suspect there are some compatibility issues with them. Grrrr!!! So wish my me some much needed luck on fixing these issues this week so that I won't have to do a system restore or take the pc into the Geek Squad. Thank you!

On to brighter things... Here's a layout I did of darling daughter. :)

With my pc issues, I have yet to get started on the Stories in Hand class. My most favorite things project is only mapped out on paper too. Today. Today I will get those things started now that my computer is at least stable. I'll look forward to it this afternoon!

Monday's are our local movie stores .99 cent night. So somewhere along the way became our family movie night. Last night we rented A Perfect Christmas and it was an adorable family movie. We giggled and laughed. It was fun and lighthearted. I would reccommend this cute little show to you!

Gotta love children. My son comes home from school yesterday. He has a snack and visits for a short while. He does his chores. Comes back to me and says, "I've decided to play basketball. Will you drop me off at 5:30?" Basketball? He mentioned he was considering this a couple of weeks ago. When I followed up on it, he told me he decided not to play. Not another word. Now, a half hour before the first try out he asks for a ride? Good thing we didn't have plans to be out for the evening! So like I said, Kids! lol! Love 'em!

And the coffee has help alleviate some of the dull pain in my head this week. I have an eye appointment on Friday to get my eyes checked. I think they will be putting me back in full time glasses. Last time I had my eyes checked they put me into readers instead of the glasses I was wearing all of the time. That has worked until now. My right eye feels constantly strained. So I welcome this appointment with open arms. And yes... it means I'm getting old. lol!

Well, I gotta be off and running to work. I hope you all have a super fantastic week!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I quit drinking coffee a few weeks ago. No particular reason, I just found myself craving tea more and more. Every day since, I've had headaches though. I attributed it to my lingering cold at first. Then decided to schedule an eye appointment to have my eyes checked. Headaches haven't gone away yet and my eye appointment isn't until the end of next week. So last night while out grocery shopping I desperately bought some more coffee. This morning as I type this, GOOD MORNING COFFEE! I hope that it drives away this crazy headache. Could it be as simple as a morning cup? I cannot tell you how much tylenol I've gone through in the past few weeks.

And for those of you who have your windows xp set up to do automatic updates- beware! There's a trojan horse waiting to slip on in with your next update. I have had it twice this week. I suggest you change your settings for it to notify you of updates without downloading and installing them on its own. Hope that helps someone out there.

Our wedding Anniversary is coming up and I would really like to do something special for an evening. Any suggestion? Actually, we live closer to Portland than Seattle... but I'm willing to drive either way. I would love to hear some things you've done. Maybe it will spark an idea for me.

And as I'm thinking of dear hubby, here's a layout I did this week. It was taken for his 42nd birthday last month. TFL!

I have a project I'm working on and I'm so excited to get it done and post some pics here. Shall I give you a hint? Lol! I was inspired by one of Oprah's themes- My Favorite Things. I'll share more with you next post. :)

The Stories in Hand class I'm taking is moving way to fast for me this week. I've read the posts and that is it. Lol! Crazy week for me. So I hope to catch up with it this weekend. I'll post more about that then too.

At work there's one week a year we get to go down to half days. Guess what! That falls next week. Wahooo! If I get the house tidied up this weekend... there should be lots of scrappy goodness time for me next week. I'll have about three hours each day to myself before the kids get home from school. I'm so looking forward to it. The kids want me to use the time to dig out our village. We don't usually put it up until after Thanksgiving. Hmm? Scrappy time...Village....Scrappy time...Village. We shall see. ;)

Have a super great week my friends.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mystery Solved

Upon returning to work after my last post, a teacher popped her head into my room and made the comment, "I bet you'll be in the spirit early this year." I was wondering what in the heck she was talking about and then it hit me. My room is next to the music classroom at school and they have been practicing Christmas carols in preperation for the upcoming concert. I just giggled. Clearly, the music doesn't bother me at all. In fact, she was correct- it has put me in the spirit early this year. Fa la la la la, la la la la....

Last weekend was dear son's 15th birthday. This is the birthday streak in the family... 3 of them in 3 weeks. Craaaazy! But really, it's all good. He had a wonderful birthday and celebrated with his family and a few close friends. Here's a pic of him and the "almond joy" cake darling daughter and I made for him.

Darling daughter went to her first boy/girl halloween party. It was fun to help her get all dressed up. She dressed out of her closet believe it or not. With the help of a little colored hairspray and some of mom's old jewelry she was a perfect little 80's rock star. :)

I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately and today, dear son came home from school with the same type of feverish symptoms. Flu season is here. I slept a lot this weekend. Luckily I have today and tomorrow off as well. I'm hoping that the extra rest will get us all back in shape before the holidays are here.

Speaking of holidays... here's a lo I worked on since my last post. It's of our Thanksgiving last year.

I also did a lo of our old lab. Cookie was a wonderful dog whom we loved very much. It's been three years now and we still think so fondly of her. Although she's no longer with us, when I came across this photo over the weekend I just felt compelled to scrap it.

I look at these lo's and always think I should journal more. It is something I always aspire to improve. I was lucky enough to get in on the "Stories in Hand" class taught by Jessica Sprague. It starts today and I am so very excited. I hope it inspires me to get those words down on my lo's more often. Fun fun fun! And I think registration has been extended through this evening. If its something you are interested in, you should stop by her website and sign up!

Today I've been sitting at the ol' computer and giving the blog a facelift. It's been so neglected lately. I have had such dreams for it but it seems to be the first thing cut out of the schedule when I'm running short on time. I am happy to say, I've added some hybrid tutorials today. I am trying to make the blog more informational and easier to navigate. Thanks for sticking with me through the changes.

I am getting ready to go pick up my sweet cat Harley from the vet soon ( he had the 'snip snip' today ), I hope things went well for the poor little guy. We'll pamper him this evening and we plan on picking up a few movies at the rental store to watch this evening and tomorrow. A lazy evening planned here in our household. I can almost smell the hot chocolate now. Soon- the couch, a cozy blanket or two, and the kids and I have a date. Hehehe!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


My house is decorated with pumpkin and gourds, sunflowers and leaves, bats and ghouls yet I feel the Christmas spirit. Why is that? Fall is actually my most favorite time of year. I love the beauty in this season. I love the crisp fall air and the turning leaves. I love the generosity we see from people as they think of Thankgiving looming. But this year, I have caught the Christmas bug a bit early. I actually am playing Christmas music today. Lol!

We stopped a few weeks ago at a bazaar near our home. It's held it this great old barn and they open it up for two weekends a year for a Harvest and a Christmas bazaar. Anyway- we stopped a few weeks ago and I just fell in love with the winter decorations and left with several. Those items are now tucked away until its time to do the Christmas decorating but oh how I am ready for that. I've been enjoying the hot chocolate in the evening too, which we usually do closer to winter. So what's up with my internal time clock? Lol!

I turned 38 this week. My dear hubby has been away for work since the night before my grandmother passed away and I miss him. The kids have been great considering all that's happened recently and went all out to make by birthday special. It was so nice of them. Whenever the kids ask me how old I am I always reply, "I'm a spring chicken." So darling daughter made a cake for me and it was just that. She's such a sass but how cute is this!?!?!

I do have to admit that 38 isn't starting off the best. On Friday I was walking out to my car after work and my ankle rolled. I went down like a load of bricks right there in the parking lot. Scratched up both of my knees and palms, broke by Starbucks cup I was carrying, and ruin my shoes. Two days later, every muscle in my upper body hurts- undoubtedly from trying to break the fall. Embarrassing!

My son will be 15 years old next weekend. *faint* It scares me to death to think he will be driving in 6 months. He is a great kid and is responsible, however, he is SO immature. I can see my 12 year old daughter behind the wheel but not my son. How do you deal with that? Well we've had a lot of talks with him about it lately. He needs to "grow up" some before I can see this happening. I love him to bits and feel bad saying that but it does have me concerned. Hopefully there will be continued growth for him in the next few months. Any pearls of wisdom you would like to share with me on this subject?

Here's a few things I worked on in the past few weeks- TFL!

Change of address cards and a tag book-

And a lo of one of our three poms-

That's sweet adorable Riley. He is as shy as all get out but is always smiling. In this pic is his grin - he also has a great big smile. (Or at least I think so.) Lol!

Thanks again everyone for the thoughtful comments and emails... I really appreciated them!!! I hope you all have a wonderful week and a Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Last year

Last year I made this lo of my grandmother and me. We took this picture one afternoon while we were out for lunch. It was a beautiful day and we ordered food and sat out on the patio in the sun and ate. The kids and I loved lunching with grandma.

I thank you for the thoughts and prayers, comments and emails. You're support was so comforting. Last night my grandmother passed away. She was a wonderful woman and will be missed greatly.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Prayers please

My grandmother is elderly but has been in good health. Thursday she was sent to the hospital for some tests because she wasn't feeling well. She was told that they weren't admitting her and she would go home that night. She didn't tell family because this was all played down as a minor thing. Thursday night came and they admitted her. Friday she was kept another night. She contacted some family and then took a turn for the worse and was moved yesterday to Critical Care/ICU and she now is on a respirator and other means of basic life support.

I learned last night she was in the hospital. Today I learned how bad it was. I'm thankful I was able to visit her this afternoon even though it was brief. She was resting and they were keeping her comfortable. Things do not look good. This has all come as such a surprise to us all. It was sudden and unexpected.

If you would, please say a prayer for Dorothy. Thank you so much.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

We are trying

to chase the ick out of the house! Dear Son had it, then dear hubby, next darling daughter and now me. Yesterday I felt better but then this morning it got up and ... ugh! But life must go on.

Today this is a glimpse into our world.

We are celebrating my husband's birthday when he gets home from work. Just low key and at home with family is the plan. We are decorating, making him a favorite meal, and sacking out to watch some movies. :)

And here are a couple of lo's I worked on since the last post.

Dear son had surgery yesterday to have a permenant tooth removed that was stuck up in the bone. I was very worried because the kids had not had surgery of any kind to date and I didn't know how they would react. I'm happy to report... things went very well. JR is feeling good today and isn't even asking for the pain meds they prescribed. I love our dentist! :)

Sorry for the hit and run post but there are lots of things to do this weekend. Momma's never seem to get rest, much less when they are a little under the weather. Lol! ;)

Thanks for stopping in and have a great weekend!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I love the mornings

Really, I'm one of those people that are 'early to bed, early to rise...' So this morning I was sitting here drinking my coffee and thinking of what it is I would like to do this weekend. I'm feeling particularly scrappy which is a good thing. Hopefully I can do a lo or two. I also know that my computer needs some MAJOR clean up... but that can be very time consuming. Darling daughters asthma is flared up right now so I know whatever we do it'll be low key and at home this weekend. Reading what I just typed, I guess I already know what the plans are. I'll get the housework done and then work on the computer. :)

Speaking of the weekend, there is a big PAR-TY going on over at the Digi Chick to launch the new site design. If you want to play, come on over!

I did one lo this week. This is an adorable kit by Cinnamon Designs. The pic is of darling daughter the day she went in for her junor high orientation just before school started this year. She looks too grown up. *sniff sniff*

An update on the Post Office. Well, long story short, apparently a large check was involved in the missing mail report a neighbor was missing. So they went door to door the next few days until they found all the missing mail. So I did get my package in the end. It was kind of strange because the manager called and left a message on my machine with no apologies, just a statement that she guesses she'll need to do some retraining in her office now that the missing mail was found. (Like she was only going to address this because it was now verified that THEY had misdelivered mail.) Hey accidents happen, but this has been going on for a LONG TIME NOW. Hopefully it's all said and done at this point. :)

It was nice this week- I've been letting my hair grow out for a good year now or so. No haircuts. I decided to it was finally long enough and it desperately needed to be shaped up. So I got a haircut. It wasn't a huge change, but the gal gave me a nice haircut and it looks so much better and lays well once again. I'll have to take a pic sometime this weekend.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Post Office

Long story shortened... About a year and a half ago, we started having problems with the mail. We didn't get things we were expecting, we started getting neighbors mail, we were getting things in our mailbox open or packages torn to shreds and all but destroyed. We went in and complained a few times where we were told they "would speak with the mail carrier." We asked if the mail carrier was new because we'd live here for a long time with no problems prior to this but we were told it was the same person. Hmph!

It got better for a while but all summer this has been happening again. Wrong mail delivery, missing mail, and then this week a package I had been expecting last week never came. I called the company that shipped the package Monday and they asked me to give the delivery a little extra time since we had a recent holiday (which seemed quite resonable to me) and said it should be here by Wednesday at the latest. They wanted me to call back Wed. if I didn't get it. It didn't come, I made the call, they traced the package which was sent with a Fed Ex tracking code. It had been delivered to my local post office a week before this. So where was my package?

I called the post office where they had a new manager who was unaware of this history of problems. When I told her the package was missing she said they would look into it. She also informed me that I had a new mail carrier for the last few months. She calls back later in the day to tell me that the mail carrier had a fill in that day for her route and that she has since had a neighbor of mine call and file a missing mail report as well. She said she'd get back to me in a day or two. I called back the company who sent the package and asked what I was supposed to do since I prepaid for this and it was lost in the mail. I expected them to give a phone number where I could file a complaint, however, they came back on the line to let me know that they were going to ship me a second package free of charge. I couldn't believe it. How cool is that?! I didn't expect that at all, but what awesome customer service!

I'll update next week on the post office saga as it continues...

I've been a little scrappy this week. Feeling the fall mojo here's a lo and a paper bag book I made. TFL!

My new work schedule is okay. We are finally getting back into a routine here. Thursday and Friday are definately my favorite work days this school year because I get to teach 6th grade art. I've really been enjoying that! :)

Well, I gotta run. I hope my friends affected by the recent or coming hurricanes are all safe and sound. Thinking of you guys!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Exhausted and broke

Oh yeah this is Ever Thankful, Always Grateful. Let me try this again... I'm thankful it's the weekend because the week was exhausting and I'm grateful to have everything I need for the time being because I'm broke. lol!

Seriously, this week was really hard getting the kids back into the swing of school. And I had to run them around all week to things after school as well. Get this... One night I had to run darling daughter back down to the school where we were supposed to report so that we could be given her math assignment. Apparently, they do Fantasy Football as the entire fall math program at her Junior High. Yes you heard me right. We show up and the staff are proudly wearing football jersey's and were seemingly very excited. Now if I knew anything about football or algebra, this may have been an interesting idea. But truely, the teacher could have been speaking German for that 45 minutes and it would have had the same results. I don't get it! *Sigh!*

The kids started Junior High and High School this year. OMGoodness!!! I always buy clothes and supplies so I knew of those costs. But school fees are killing me. ASB cards, annuals, meal tickets, club fees, fees for some courses and tests.... sports fees, paid for extra meds to leave at school, and so on and so forth. This is crazy! I shall start saving a little each month in January so that this won't be such a shock next year. Now I know. Do you think the kids will understand when there are no presents under the Christmas tree this year?

Although this week was much of a blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr--- This is something that was such a sweet surprise. Look what Karah made as her latest kit release.

And here is what I did with it. This is a pic from my childhood.

And I'll leave you with a few things that I am totally loving this last few weeks. Yankee Peach candles, Sims 2 apartment life, beautiful fall blooms on my hydrangas, the crisp cool fall weather, the spice pumpkin cake daughter makes this time of year, and re-reading the Twilight series with my daughter. :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to School

It's been pretty good for me this week. The first week we are really hopping and there is so much to do. Next week is when a more regular paced schedule will begin. That will be nice.

My children had their school orientations this week at their new schools. We thought it was on Wednesday so darling daughter and I painted her nails, put her hair in curlers, and set out the 'perfect outfit' the night before. She was so nervous. She will get 1 elective class this year. When they asked her what she wanted, she decided on yearbook. (That is a perfect class for her too because she is great at writing, photography, and loves working on computers.) So at the end of the year conference last spring, the teacher tells us that yearbook is "the most popular class" in Junior High. He said that only 20 students in Junior High get in. It's a year long commitment and really only the most focused students get the opportunity. He gave us an application but had daughter pick out other class choices. We of course filled out the appl. last spring. Darling daughter has kept her hopes in check all summer, but occasionally bringing up that she hopes she made the cut. So Wednesday we go to drop her off for orientation and .... I got the date wrong. The orientation was on Thursday. What a bad mom I am. I felt SO Sorry. She was so disappointed. We had to do it all again the next night. (At least she slept better the next night.) So we tried it again yesterday morning and my husband and I dropped her off before I went to work. She saw some of her old friends, got a tour, and her schedule. I called her on my break and she couldn't wait to tell me that SHE MADE YEARBOOK!!! Wahoo!!! I'm so proud of her!!! In the afternoon dear son did his orientation. And last night we went to both schools to pay fees and take tours. It was a lot of fun. The kids were both getting very excited for school to begin.

Well, this is really a hit and run post. I need to get ready for work. This long weekend I am going to be home alone for most of it. I plan to steam clean the carpets, do my chores, finish up a couple of hybrid projects, and check out Sims 2 apartment life. We picked it up this week but I haven't had a chance to play. I'm wild and crazy, right? LOL! I hope you all have a super weekend and travel safe if you are going out and about. :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hello! Where have I been?

I never knew about blog readers before this weekend. OMGOSH! How cool are they!?! I'm giving bloglines a go and lovin' it already. It sure saves time and now I won't miss my friends blog posts. Yeah!

The closet got a thorough cleaning and oraganizing yesterday. It was the last thing on my list of 'mission organization'. Things like that are always a bigger job then they let on to be. But other than taking some tubs of off-season clothing out to storage, it's done! And I learned something about myself while going through the closet yesterday... I seem to buy everything in two's or three's. It was pretty sad. Darling daughter and I chuckled at first but as it went on and on it really became apparent that I need to buy one thing off the rack and then move on.

Saturday we went out geocaching, however, the ones we printed off for that day were more difficult and we soon realized that we were to the point that we must get a GPS to continue hunting in our area. We didn't find even one that we were searching for. But I took my dog and there was hiking involved so we had fun anyway. I think darling daughter was the most disappointed. She REALLY gets into the hunt. I also took my camera along and snapped a couple pics of the kids. Here is my FRESHMAN and 7th grader. I can't believe how grown up they are...*sniff*

Well today is my first day back to work (for training) after having the summer off. I welcome the return of routine in my daily schedule. Students return on Wednesday. I mentioned a while back that I am lucky enough to get to teach an art class this year at school, but I learned last week that the art supplies I ordered did not come in. *eek!* So I'll need to be extra creative these first few weeks back to teach the kids and keep it fun without supplies. Shall we start with the color wheel? lol!

Onto scrappy things- I altered this notebook with Amanda and Eva's new Mojito kit.

Well, my class starts soon so I must be off. I hope you all have a fabulous week my friends!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I *heart* garage sales!

This is one of many reasons why-

For this and a small stack of paperbacks I paid 14 buckaroos. Now I should have enough reading until the holidays roll around. (Yes I'm a book geek.) I love to read before going to sleep each night. It relaxes me and refocuses my mind to a state of calm after a crazy day.

We've had 70 degree weather and terrenchal rains all week. Today it's supposed to be sunny and near 90. We're still have the oddest weather with huge swings. But today if the lawn dries out enough, were hoping to get it all mowed and weeded. It's overdue and looking a little shabby. This weekend I also plan on finishing up the little bit left to do in the kitchen and cleaning out my closet. The closet and going through my clothes I've totally been putting off but with going back to work Monday the time has now come. I'll be glad when it's done though, right?

I have to share my huge heart attack moment with you too. (A little note here- I'm a hairdresser/instructor on sabbatical. I took time off when the kids were little so that I'd have more time with them. Eventually all my volunteering time at their school led to a position there which I took so that I'd only be working when they were at school and home when they were home. So I don't do hair much anymore- just a family and friends.) A friend came over yesterday to get a weave done I asked the kids to hang out in their rooms while she was here. The kids had been quiet and in their rooms the entire time. So I tap on their doors to check on them when my friend left. Dear son was playing is PS3. Darling daughter though was not in her room. I start checking the other rooms in the house looking for here but she was not to be found. Finally, I go to look in my bedroom and find the door locked. Hmmmmmmmm. So I orignally think that she may have locked it if her brother had been acting up and I didn't know it. Either way this was the first time the kids had locked themselves into my room and it was odd. So I knocked. No answer. I knocked louder. Nothing. I pounded on the door. Nadda. Panic crept in a little I examined the lock. It didn't have a key. By that time, dear son has come out of his room wondering what all the commotion is about. I explain and then went to hunt down a screwdriver to take apart the knob if I must. Son banged very loudly on the door and hollered for his sister. No response. Suddenly all these horrible scenerios flooded my head of possible reasons she couldn't answer us. Frantically I took apart the knob. It took longer than it should have and I couldn't get it all out at first so I crouched down to look through the hole. Couldn't see her. Finally, I busted my way in and skimmed the room but didn't see her. I ran to my bathroom but it was empty. Can I say FREAKING OUT! At this point, I hear brother laughing. Ran back into my bedroom where he points to darling daughter lying on my bed hidden is mounds of blankets and pillows, sleeping soundly. I couldn't believe she was sleeping through all the noise. I check to make sure she was breathing and left her be. But oh my gosh- in that 10 minutes or so... I was really frightened. Later when she got up, she didn't remember a thing or why the door might have been locked. At least all ended well.

On to scrapping things... I made this gift card holder this week.

I have a few other projects that need some finishing touches and then I'll get them posted soon.

I've been eyeing the sale today over at the shabby pickle. They sure have some cute stuff. I may do a little shopping after playing with darling daughter on the we fit this morning. She's here and getting a little impatient. I'd better go.

You all have a super super fantabulous weekend. Thanks for stopping in!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Where did the last week go?

Seriously! Blink and it was gone.

We went to the theme park which was fun. The weather was perfect too. It was overcast yet just at about 80 degrees. It made for short lines. I love riding with the kids and playing in the water. It's a wonderful annual trip.

Here's some pics on the Timberhawk roller coaster ride. The family is right there front and center. lol!

And here's another of a ride I don't do. I don't mind going upsidedown, however, I do not like to be left hanging up there. Here are the brave or the foolish on the Timberaxe.

Fun fun fun!

And the weather is still so wacky. Tuesday it just reached 80. By Thursday it was 100. Hotter still on Friday and Saturday. Which led to some strange thunderstorms. Cooler Sunday. Today its extremely humid and thundering again. Rain rain go away.

I return to work in one week. Part of me is not ready and the other is starting to look forward to returning. I like having a schedule. I like routine. I went out shopping and bought my supplies a few days ago. Starting to put me in the mood a little. And yesterday as I watched out the window, golden leaves were swirling in the wind. It was dark by 8:30 last night. Returning to work also marks the season... my favorite time of the year. Welcome fall....

Scatterbrained is how I have felt this last week. Spread to thin. I have at least half a dozen home impovement projects left to finish up BEFORE next week. I also have about the same amount of hybrid projects started that I have yet to finish. Today I will try very hard to mark one of each off of that list. If I do just one a day...

Karah let out a girly girly of all girly kits recently at TLP. I had to dig back into my archive of pics for this one. Here's a lo done of McKena's 4th birthday. We were out of town at the beach when we strolled by a bakery window which was filled with Barbie doll cakes. McKena flipped over them and just had to have one for her upcoming birthday. We checked our local bakery who at the time did not make them, so I searched high and low to find a form and made one for her myself. She was so thrilled.

I have one grumpy grumpy girl at home with me today. She can't quite pinpoint what the problem is but I think she's feeling crummy. Her sinuses have been acting up for the past couple of weeks with all the crazy weather changes. Today has been a struggle. Finally, she is lying down and I popped in a movie. Poor thing.

Thanks for checking in on me. If you are a digi scrapper, Catscrap is having a rare and most awesome sale this week. (There's a link in the sidebar.) And if you are a member at MSA, they are celebrating there first birthday and are giving away a gynormous and most awesome collab kit yesterday and today. Just log in and you'll find your way. :)

Have a great week all!


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