Monday, May 26, 2008

Hello there!

I hope you all had nice long weekend and took time to remember our loved ones who've passed.

This was a busy week so I was glad to have a slower paced weekend. We spent much of it at home. And a lot of it helping the kiddos finish up some big end of the year school projects. Tomorrow dear hubby and darling daughter are going on a field trip to the air museum in Seattle with her class. They've been looking forward to that for the last week.

I worked on a layout and some hybrid projects this week. Here's a card I made for a friends b-day and a ceramic frame that I altered. It's a little shabby chic and I'm pleased with the way it turned out. :)

And I love my dear son but I really could do without the teenage slang and remarks. With that, here's my lo for the week.

Tonight we ordered a pizza and watched a movie together. Lots of fun. :)

And before I sign out--- Are there any other Grey's fans here with me? Can I say OMGosh! I missed the last show- the two hour special on Thursday with the week being so crazy busy but I caught up with it this weekend. It was GOOD! What a fantastic season end!

Now waiting for LOST this week. (I love Thursdays! LOL!)

I hope you all have a super week! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

He's fine?

Well we got the call on Friday from the doctor. He said that the heart was fine. The tests all came back fine. What great news! But where does that leave us? Chest pains and a racing heart still? Back to our family physician? Actually, the doctor was nice and said he wanted to know if dear son continued to have these issues. That did make me feel better. JR hasn't had an episode to report since last Tuesday. A week without any problems and he's been back to his regular schedule with physical activities. So there's our update. Definately some good news to report. The ticker is working and we haven't had any further problems. Thank you thank you thank you for the prayers and well wishes. They are working.

This weekend was beautiful out. We worked very hard outside all weekend (and yesterday too) getting things ready for the summer. We all got a little color in our cheeks doing so too. It was pushing a hundred degrees all weekend long. This morning though, I woke to the pounding of rain on the roof. Gotta love being in the PNW.

There are three weeks and two days left until we are out on summer break. I CAN HARDLY WAIT. Actually, Wednesday we have our annual staff meeting and time always seems to zip by in a snap after that. We all refocus on getting things wound down for the year.

I don't really have big plans for the summer. This school years just been a real tough one and I am really looking forward to being home and spending it with my kids. The other night after working hard all day long, we had a bbq and sat outside at the patio furniture and played games. It was so fun. I want to do that a lot this summer. Dear son and I went to his parent teacher conf. last week and we had to make out his HIGH SCHOOL schedule. Next year he'll be in high school. Yep. The kids are just growing up too fast! I plan on trying to slow the clock down a little this summer.

A short post I know but I wanted to update you all and thank you again. A great big hug to you my friends!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

No news is good news?

We haven't heard anything back from the doctor so maybe it means things are okay.

While waiting I thought I'd update with a more upbeat post...

I'm not sure I mentioned this but we started geocaching over spring break - first week of April. We had discussed it and spoke of doing it for the past year but just hadn't. So on spring break we registered at an online site and printed off some of the caches in our area and off we went. The first time out was a little discouraging because we didn't know what we were looking for. We only found at one stop. However, we have gone out a few more times now and are really getting the hang of it. It is such an awesome family activity! Of course our first trip out I had to take along the camera. He's a lo I did.

A few weeks ago, dear hubby took the kids out "shopping". Although it wasn't said, I figured they were doing their mother's day planning while he was home. First you need to know that my dear hubby is really sweet and tries really hard to do nice things for me on special days or holidays, however, he can't keep a surprise to save his life. He can't plan ahead for things more than the night before or he'll totally spill. lol! They went out that day and came home with these beautiful flowers. I thought these were my mothers day gift but they surprised me and said they were "just because". How nice was that! These flowers were so pretty and the sweet smell filled the house until last night when their blooms finally fell.

So mother's day came, and I was all frazzled about dear son. But we still had a lovely day together. The afternoon turned out nice so we went out geocaching and then came home and had dinner together. After dinner we had planned on watching a movie together. That's when they sprung gifts on me. I was truely surprised because never did my dh even mention gifts. He totally kept a secret. LOL! The gifts were nice and really heartfelt, but the fact that he actually planned and followed through on surprising me instead of blabbing is the point of this story. Needless to say, I had a wonderful mother's day. And I'm very proud of dh. ;)

Today is supposed to be a scorcher. It's been in the low temps and raining all week and today it's supposed to jump to the 90's. Crazy! I could tell the temp. was rising late yesterday because it started becoming very humid out. Yuck! And tonight is darling daughters spring concert. I hope it cools off a little before then.

Yesterday in the mail I got the Pier 1 mailer and can I just say... Love it this spring. I love love love the bright and bold colors. Love patterns and fun textures. I loved everything in the catolog. We were going through town any way yesterday so darling daughter and I stopped in. If only I had endless funds... lol. Seriously, I was lucky I made it out of there spending only $30. Awesome stuff going on there this spring - be warned!

Well, I'd love to share more but I must get ready for work. I hope you all have a super Thursday. Stay cool!

Monday, May 12, 2008


We went this morning. The doctor seemed very confident. He listened to his heart and lungs. Told us he was ordering an Eko (sp?) and we were able to sit in on that. It was basically a sonogram of his heart. We were able to see that everything was functioning correctly. Blood was flowing in the proper directions. Valves were doing their job. We were told everything looked great.

Wrapping it up, the doctor told us that he felt that sons heart was nothing but healthy. He said he felt we had misinformation from the pediatrician and that HE was the specialist. He wanted JR to resume all normal activity without restriction.

Up to this point I felt pretty comfortable in this doctor. Then he hands us a photocopy of some newspaper article stating that 20% of chest pains go undiagnosed. He didn't have answers. Then he said he wanted to put him on a holster monitor for the next 24hrs.

So dear son got all hooked up and now we wait.

After leaving the office I started analyzing, perhaps over-analyzing this appointment and now I have a pit in my stomach. They have done several tests. This doctor was... well borderline arrogant. He told us JR is fine and the Ped. Doctor was wrong. But afterwards puts him on monitor for the 24hrs. I'd really he rather be safe than sorry and am glad he is doing the test, however, his actions spoke louder than words if you know what I mean.

It will be the end of the week, beginning of next before we learn the results of the monitor he's wearing today.

I really appreciate everyone's posts and emails. Thank you so much!

And to all you moma's- I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday! You all deserve it my friends.

Friday, May 09, 2008

This week has been crazy

Surreal really.

Long story short, my son- he is rarely ever sick. He is really pretty healthy... definately the healthiest in our family. He complains about regular teenage stuff but never about how he is feeling.

So when dear son came to me Sunday night and said his chest hurt - his heart to be specific- and that he couldn't take in a deep breath- I was listening. I've had most of this week off from work and he has been to the doctor and hospital for tests. We've been referred to a pediatric cardiologist which we are driving to Portland to see on Monday. *deep sigh*

It sounds as though they are concerned with the rhythm. The concept of your child's heart not working quite right is SO SCARY! Any good thoughts and/or prayers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Look at me....

I’m up at 3 am blogging. Lol! Actually, I went to bed very early last night so now I’m up before the birds. I shouldn’t have done that, but dear hubby was home and taking care of the kids so the exhausted me crawled into bed early. A rare opportunity.

This week has been pretty good. They must have fiddled with the settings on our thermostat at work though. The air conditioner in my room keeps kicking on when it should be the heater. Brrrrrr. I’ve been layering up this week. I guess when the nice weather finally gets here the A/C will be nice.

I’m getting excited for the nice weather to come. Dear hubby and I were talking about pulling the boat out of the garage and getting her cleaned up for the season on the next bright sunshiny day. I love love love going out on the boat. There is something so calm and serene being out on the water. It’s so refreshing and beautiful and peaceful and and and …. I could go on and on. ;)

What are you thankful for? This morning as I was sitting in a quiet house, I was thinking of that very question.

1. I’m thankful to be alive
2. I’m thankful that the family is all healthy and well
3. I’m thankful the bills are paid and there is food in the cupboards
4. I’m thankful that my children are doing so very well in school
5. I’m thankful that they have adjusted to the change of schools and are happy
6. I’m thankful to have some very special friends in my life
7. I’m thankful for my dear hubby and all the little things he does

I have worked on one lo and one project this week. (Did I mention that 2 of my projects were featured this week at Scrapbook Dimensions online magazine? Woot!)

Darling daughter loves riding her 4 wheeler. She is really a little dare devil on it.

And this project is a mini album done with just a couple of sheets of cardstock. Add some pics and embellies for a wonderful little flip book.

If you haven't heard yet, this weekend is National Scrapbooking Day. The digi world is having tons of parties, chats, sales and promotions. The Digi Chick is having a 35% off sale now through Saturday. Have fun!

Lastly, I need a good swift cyber kick in the can. Anyone? I was being SO GOOD counting calories, wearing my pedometer to make sure I was taking at least 10,000 steps a day, and walking routinely on my tredmill. A couple of weeks ago, well it was right after our antiquing weekend actually, (I was good that whole weekend) I slacked off. So now I'm feeling guilty and know I need to get back into routine.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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