Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to School

It's been pretty good for me this week. The first week we are really hopping and there is so much to do. Next week is when a more regular paced schedule will begin. That will be nice.

My children had their school orientations this week at their new schools. We thought it was on Wednesday so darling daughter and I painted her nails, put her hair in curlers, and set out the 'perfect outfit' the night before. She was so nervous. She will get 1 elective class this year. When they asked her what she wanted, she decided on yearbook. (That is a perfect class for her too because she is great at writing, photography, and loves working on computers.) So at the end of the year conference last spring, the teacher tells us that yearbook is "the most popular class" in Junior High. He said that only 20 students in Junior High get in. It's a year long commitment and really only the most focused students get the opportunity. He gave us an application but had daughter pick out other class choices. We of course filled out the appl. last spring. Darling daughter has kept her hopes in check all summer, but occasionally bringing up that she hopes she made the cut. So Wednesday we go to drop her off for orientation and .... I got the date wrong. The orientation was on Thursday. What a bad mom I am. I felt SO Sorry. She was so disappointed. We had to do it all again the next night. (At least she slept better the next night.) So we tried it again yesterday morning and my husband and I dropped her off before I went to work. She saw some of her old friends, got a tour, and her schedule. I called her on my break and she couldn't wait to tell me that SHE MADE YEARBOOK!!! Wahoo!!! I'm so proud of her!!! In the afternoon dear son did his orientation. And last night we went to both schools to pay fees and take tours. It was a lot of fun. The kids were both getting very excited for school to begin.

Well, this is really a hit and run post. I need to get ready for work. This long weekend I am going to be home alone for most of it. I plan to steam clean the carpets, do my chores, finish up a couple of hybrid projects, and check out Sims 2 apartment life. We picked it up this week but I haven't had a chance to play. I'm wild and crazy, right? LOL! I hope you all have a super weekend and travel safe if you are going out and about. :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hello! Where have I been?

I never knew about blog readers before this weekend. OMGOSH! How cool are they!?! I'm giving bloglines a go and lovin' it already. It sure saves time and now I won't miss my friends blog posts. Yeah!

The closet got a thorough cleaning and oraganizing yesterday. It was the last thing on my list of 'mission organization'. Things like that are always a bigger job then they let on to be. But other than taking some tubs of off-season clothing out to storage, it's done! And I learned something about myself while going through the closet yesterday... I seem to buy everything in two's or three's. It was pretty sad. Darling daughter and I chuckled at first but as it went on and on it really became apparent that I need to buy one thing off the rack and then move on.

Saturday we went out geocaching, however, the ones we printed off for that day were more difficult and we soon realized that we were to the point that we must get a GPS to continue hunting in our area. We didn't find even one that we were searching for. But I took my dog and there was hiking involved so we had fun anyway. I think darling daughter was the most disappointed. She REALLY gets into the hunt. I also took my camera along and snapped a couple pics of the kids. Here is my FRESHMAN and 7th grader. I can't believe how grown up they are...*sniff*

Well today is my first day back to work (for training) after having the summer off. I welcome the return of routine in my daily schedule. Students return on Wednesday. I mentioned a while back that I am lucky enough to get to teach an art class this year at school, but I learned last week that the art supplies I ordered did not come in. *eek!* So I'll need to be extra creative these first few weeks back to teach the kids and keep it fun without supplies. Shall we start with the color wheel? lol!

Onto scrappy things- I altered this notebook with Amanda and Eva's new Mojito kit.

Well, my class starts soon so I must be off. I hope you all have a fabulous week my friends!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I *heart* garage sales!

This is one of many reasons why-

For this and a small stack of paperbacks I paid 14 buckaroos. Now I should have enough reading until the holidays roll around. (Yes I'm a book geek.) I love to read before going to sleep each night. It relaxes me and refocuses my mind to a state of calm after a crazy day.

We've had 70 degree weather and terrenchal rains all week. Today it's supposed to be sunny and near 90. We're still have the oddest weather with huge swings. But today if the lawn dries out enough, were hoping to get it all mowed and weeded. It's overdue and looking a little shabby. This weekend I also plan on finishing up the little bit left to do in the kitchen and cleaning out my closet. The closet and going through my clothes I've totally been putting off but with going back to work Monday the time has now come. I'll be glad when it's done though, right?

I have to share my huge heart attack moment with you too. (A little note here- I'm a hairdresser/instructor on sabbatical. I took time off when the kids were little so that I'd have more time with them. Eventually all my volunteering time at their school led to a position there which I took so that I'd only be working when they were at school and home when they were home. So I don't do hair much anymore- just a family and friends.) A friend came over yesterday to get a weave done I asked the kids to hang out in their rooms while she was here. The kids had been quiet and in their rooms the entire time. So I tap on their doors to check on them when my friend left. Dear son was playing is PS3. Darling daughter though was not in her room. I start checking the other rooms in the house looking for here but she was not to be found. Finally, I go to look in my bedroom and find the door locked. Hmmmmmmmm. So I orignally think that she may have locked it if her brother had been acting up and I didn't know it. Either way this was the first time the kids had locked themselves into my room and it was odd. So I knocked. No answer. I knocked louder. Nothing. I pounded on the door. Nadda. Panic crept in a little I examined the lock. It didn't have a key. By that time, dear son has come out of his room wondering what all the commotion is about. I explain and then went to hunt down a screwdriver to take apart the knob if I must. Son banged very loudly on the door and hollered for his sister. No response. Suddenly all these horrible scenerios flooded my head of possible reasons she couldn't answer us. Frantically I took apart the knob. It took longer than it should have and I couldn't get it all out at first so I crouched down to look through the hole. Couldn't see her. Finally, I busted my way in and skimmed the room but didn't see her. I ran to my bathroom but it was empty. Can I say FREAKING OUT! At this point, I hear brother laughing. Ran back into my bedroom where he points to darling daughter lying on my bed hidden is mounds of blankets and pillows, sleeping soundly. I couldn't believe she was sleeping through all the noise. I check to make sure she was breathing and left her be. But oh my gosh- in that 10 minutes or so... I was really frightened. Later when she got up, she didn't remember a thing or why the door might have been locked. At least all ended well.

On to scrapping things... I made this gift card holder this week.

I have a few other projects that need some finishing touches and then I'll get them posted soon.

I've been eyeing the sale today over at the shabby pickle. They sure have some cute stuff. I may do a little shopping after playing with darling daughter on the we fit this morning. She's here and getting a little impatient. I'd better go.

You all have a super super fantabulous weekend. Thanks for stopping in!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Where did the last week go?

Seriously! Blink and it was gone.

We went to the theme park which was fun. The weather was perfect too. It was overcast yet just at about 80 degrees. It made for short lines. I love riding with the kids and playing in the water. It's a wonderful annual trip.

Here's some pics on the Timberhawk roller coaster ride. The family is right there front and center. lol!

And here's another of a ride I don't do. I don't mind going upsidedown, however, I do not like to be left hanging up there. Here are the brave or the foolish on the Timberaxe.

Fun fun fun!

And the weather is still so wacky. Tuesday it just reached 80. By Thursday it was 100. Hotter still on Friday and Saturday. Which led to some strange thunderstorms. Cooler Sunday. Today its extremely humid and thundering again. Rain rain go away.

I return to work in one week. Part of me is not ready and the other is starting to look forward to returning. I like having a schedule. I like routine. I went out shopping and bought my supplies a few days ago. Starting to put me in the mood a little. And yesterday as I watched out the window, golden leaves were swirling in the wind. It was dark by 8:30 last night. Returning to work also marks the season... my favorite time of the year. Welcome fall....

Scatterbrained is how I have felt this last week. Spread to thin. I have at least half a dozen home impovement projects left to finish up BEFORE next week. I also have about the same amount of hybrid projects started that I have yet to finish. Today I will try very hard to mark one of each off of that list. If I do just one a day...

Karah let out a girly girly of all girly kits recently at TLP. I had to dig back into my archive of pics for this one. Here's a lo done of McKena's 4th birthday. We were out of town at the beach when we strolled by a bakery window which was filled with Barbie doll cakes. McKena flipped over them and just had to have one for her upcoming birthday. We checked our local bakery who at the time did not make them, so I searched high and low to find a form and made one for her myself. She was so thrilled.

I have one grumpy grumpy girl at home with me today. She can't quite pinpoint what the problem is but I think she's feeling crummy. Her sinuses have been acting up for the past couple of weeks with all the crazy weather changes. Today has been a struggle. Finally, she is lying down and I popped in a movie. Poor thing.

Thanks for checking in on me. If you are a digi scrapper, Catscrap is having a rare and most awesome sale this week. (There's a link in the sidebar.) And if you are a member at MSA, they are celebrating there first birthday and are giving away a gynormous and most awesome collab kit yesterday and today. Just log in and you'll find your way. :)

Have a great week all!

Monday, August 11, 2008

And we are off

to Wild Waves/6 flags for a fun little day trip. Got swimsuits, picnic basket, and the camera! :)

And here's a lo I did with a collab kit at TLP! TFL!

Have a marvelous Monday!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

What a wonderful week this has been.

And its only Thursday! Wahooooooooooo!

The weekend was nice and dh ran the garage sale on Saturday. That left us with maybe two trips to town to get the rest of the stuff to the Goodwill. Yay! Purge purge purge.

Monday morning we got up and packed a picnic. We dug out the suntan lotion, sand buckets and kites. And then off to the beach we went. We had so much fun!

So on our way to Seaside, we passed a sign that said there was an Amish sale. We had to stop. Look what was out front of the building. It was so interesting to see!

We were almost to Seaside when we had to make another stop at the scrapbook store in Warrenton. We live in a small city with no local scrapbook store, so when we travel out of town I look for these. This store was a very nice one too with lots of stock. I picked up a few things. :)

Then we finally reached Seaside. We went shopping, to the aqarium, and then down on the sand. Here's some pics feeding the sealions.

And here's a lo I did of dear son on the beach.

And here's a pic of the kids playing in the sand.

Tuesday my dear hubby went to work and I laid the outdoor carpet on the front porch. All it needs now is the railing and it'll be finished! Yay! Also Tuesday was the last day dear son had a summer class. It's so nice that he's finished with that. It also means summer is winding down though. *eek!*

Wednesday we ran some errands and went grocery shopping in the morning. In the afternoon we caught up with some friends and spent the afternoon with them. My girlfriend and I beaded while the kids were playing. It was really nice to get out of the house and visit. I didn't make anything spectacular. Mostly I did some much needed repairs so that things would be fixed for back to school wear.

Today, I am planning a trip for us to go to 6 flags next week. We've been talking about it off and on all summer long and the time is finally here. It should be loads of fun and a crazy day. I'm also contemplating going through all my clothing today and weeding out some things. The closet needs to be reorganized-- its harried up and grown over somehow this summer.

Thanks for checking in. If you are a Digi Chick shopper, be sure to stop by the store as they are having a great sale through tomorrow - store wide!

Oh and one last thing... I was downloading some fonts the other day (which I still need to install btw) and I found this neat little site. Check it out! :)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Bloggity blog blog

Brrrrrrrrrr! I just turned our heater on. May I say that this summer has been a strange one! I live in the rainy state of Washington. This summer our temps have been like a rollercoaster ride. It can be 95 one day and 70 the next. That is so hard on the sinuses. Two days ago it was nice and warm and this morning the house is 60 degrees. Thus I turned on the heater. Craaaaaaazy!

I'm a little bummed today because I got a letter in the mail yesterday telling me there was only three weeks left of my summer break. :( Although that is indeed quite a bit of time still, I wish it were more. I still have tons of things on my to do list. There is no possible way I can get them all done in three weeks. I guess I prioritize and do what I can.

Let's talk books for a bit. I've been reading the Twilight series this summer. Love that series. But that isn't the book I wanted to discuss today. While I was waiting for Breaking Dawn to be released this weekend, I picked up The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Quite of few of my friends were reading it and recommended it. I came across it in a yard sale and picked up the hardback for a buck. Didn't even read the sleeve. I wish I had. I love to read and I don't mind angst. But this book I put down after a few short chapters. I gave me an icky feeling every time I picked it up. I did not like it or the foundation on which it was written.

"When you first meet Susie she is already in heaven, As she looks down from this strange new place, she tells us, in a fresh and spirited voice of a 14 year old girl, a take that is both haunting and full of hope.

In the weeks following her death, Susie watches life continuing without her- her school friends trading rumors about her disapperarance, her family holding out hope that she will be found, her killer trying to cover his tracks. As months pass without leads, her sister hardening herself in an effort to stay strong, and her little brother trying to grasp the meaning of the word gone........"

I would not recommend this book. Reading of a young girl being raped and murdered is not my idea of a good read.

On to more happy things... I did a lo this week. One of the designers I work with has a guest spot for the month of August at The Lily Pad. I used stuff from the BYOC to make this.

The kids and I went up to Seattle this last week and started our back to school shopping. It went pretty well. We stopped and had lunch at the Rain forest Cafe. It was a lot of fun!

My son wasn't that excited when I told him where we were going to eat. He thought is was going to be "for babies." I'm so happy that once we got there he did in fact enjoy himself. The environment they create is so cool. And the food is good too. :)

And my dear hubby is home. Yay! Yesterday was his first day off. He saw the lighting and the painting we'd been working on and loved it. Here are pics of the lights-

I still have to do some painting in the kitchen behind appliances. I was waiting for hubby to get home and move them. Then the kitchen will be done. And he is still working on that front porch. (He did that yesterday while running a garage sale by the way. lol!) It'll be so nice and sturdy once its finished. I'm getting excited as all these projects are starting to come together. :)

Well, I better be off to paint. You all have a wonderful weekend!


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