Sunday, May 21, 2006

Boating fun!

Well we are so excited to finally get a boat. This week was just gorgeous outside so dear hubby picked us all up one afternoon from school/work and we went out on the lake. We had the BEST time playing and fishing!

With school winding down for the year there are bunches of activities going on for the kids right now. Which of course makes me even more busy than ever... don't ya love how that works?
Darling daughter just finished up volleyball camp and is now preparing to play her guitar in the talent show.
We have a huge book report and a huge science report due in the next couple of weeks as well that need to be done primarily at home.
Busy, busy, busy!!!
Enjoy a super Sunday! Thanks for stopping by to read!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Disappearing act?

Nah! I have had a whirlwind of activity in real life this past two weeks including but not limited to computer and phone problems. ;)

So in my time off of the internet I did spring cleaning and rearranged all my furniture in my house. Cleaned and sold our RV which seemed to be sitting more than it deserved. I then bought a boat and have been shopping for items needed in that area. Plus I've been planning out vacation which isn't coming soon enough. I also recieved a jury summons. Luckily it is for a two week service, three weeks before our vacation so it should work out well.

It seems my posts may be touch and go between now and when we return from vacation.

I managed only one LO in all this time so here she is-

(credits: Kit by Michelle Underwood)
Until next time- Stay cool!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sweet nothings...

Well, I haven't a great deal to say this morning... I tried blogging yesterday to find I couldn't. I hope that blogger doesn't have those issues regularly... since that is one of the reasons I switched from MSN spaces. We shall see.

Last Friday we went to the Wine and Crab Festival. We did have a great time. It was a lot of fun and I think we would most certainly go again in the future. Everything and I mean everything was overpriced. We were a little surprised by that but we'll keep it in mind for future trips. We both found a favorite wine at the event and of course purchased some. :D

Work has been extremely stressful lately and when I think it can't get much worse, it does. UGH! Anyhoo... it gives me extra pleasure at times like these when I can escape and do something crafty and here's it is.

(Credits: Family kit by JCRowley, Flowers and brads by Holly McCaig, Font is Susie's hand)
Well, I'm off to work. Have a fantastic day.


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