Saturday, December 15, 2007

Well it's officially dead

my ear that is. LOL!

I've been sick for months. Been in and out of the doctors office with ear pain, sinus infection, swollen glands, ect. I've been on more meds in the past two months then I've taken in the last 5 years. Finally I was referred to a specialist.

I go into the office and explain my ear hurts. I had infections and tubes as a child. When I was a teenager I went through a year of the most awful dizzy spells anyone could imagine which was at that time chaulked up to massive scar tissue causing equilibrium problems. Since then I have experienced significant hearing loss in one ear. Pain in the one that was causing me problems now.

So the new doctor asks when was the last time I had my hearing checked. Well back when I was a teenager I suppose since they don't check our hearing as adults I replied. He proceeded to poke and prod for a few minutes. Then he told me I had an infected saliva gland that was causing my ear pain. He seemed quite certain that was my issue and gave me a presciption which I so hope helps me feel ship shape by Christmas. And before I left, he insisted on testing my hearing. Fine and dandy.

Soon after the test I find myself back in a patient room where doctor comes in and tells me that he is amazed. (Before I finish, know that although I didn't have statistics, I really knew in my heart it was this bad. Nothing he said shocked me.) He said at first he didn't believe me when I said I had significant hearing loss in one ear because of my age and that I cover it well. Then he showed me my test and said that the good news is great - I have full hearing in the other ear. The bad news is that I have 0% hearing in the bad ear. 0%. He went on to explain that when I had dizzy spells as a teenager something in the inner ear (he used the medical term) was detatching and essentially leaving me with a dead ear. He seemed quite fascinated with the whole situation because of course this isn't something that usually happens to people.

Anywho- back to the ear pain- I just hope and pray this was a step in the right direction of feeling better soon. I'm so sick of being sick at this point.

Beyond my story above, we are ready for Christmas for the most part. We kept it small this year within the family and chose instead to focus on helping others in need. We donated to the food bank and helped distribute food. We also bought some gifts for kids in need. I'm thankful we were able to do this. It's a great reminder of what the season is really about.

Today the kids have bowling and then we are going to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. When we get home I plan on finishing the hand-made gifts and stamping the Christmas cards to mail on Monday.

Tomorrow I need to help the kids pack for their trip over Christmas break. So I guess that means no rest for the weary this weekend. But we'll have fun! :)

I hope you all are well and enjoying the season. Happy Holidays!


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