Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

I hope all my friends are well and enjoying a lovely long weekend with good food, family, and some fun! We are enjoying our tremendously.

In the past few weeks we've been busy busy busy again. To boot I've been sick. Went into the doctor who told me I had fluid in an ear but it wasn't infected so I'd be fine. He put me on a prescription decongestant to help dry out my ear. Two weeks later I was still feeling crummy and had fever and chills, headaches and ear pain - so I went back in. This time he said I had an infection (DUH!) and gave me an antibiotic. Thank goodness it was earlier in the week - I was feeling better by Thursday. Whew!

Took the kids to see Mr. McGorium's last weekend and that was cute. I know it gets really wish-washy reviews but the kids and I give it a thumbs up. Now we only have Enchanted left on our list. (Who can resist McDreamy on the big screen! Right?)

The kids are doing better each week at bowling. Darling daughter bowls up in the eldest bracket because they wanted to keep her and her brother together in league. Instead of that being intimidating to her, she's really rose to the challenge. She now set new high scores for herself several times. Last week she earn a patch for her inmprovement and got and invitation to the Western Regionals sponsered by Pepsi. You go girl! :)

Well, there's the highs and lows from my last post. Today dear hubby and I are heading out to see the kids bowl. When we get home we plan on putting up the baseboards in our dining room. That's the last thing to do to complete the new flooring project. Well that and maybe some new curtains in there too. We shall see. ;)

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you all have an awesome holiday run this season! Take care and enjoy!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Would you believe

I was abducted by aliens?



It's really just been a very busy past 5 weeks since posting on my blog. I cannot believe it's November.

Would you like to know what we've been up to? Well, we've celebrated 3 birthdays in that time and consumed entirely way to much cake to even think about.

Everyone is well. The kids are still enjoying their bowling a great deal. Things are going well for the kids at school this year. And I really love my job duties this year too.

The end.


The things I've posted above are all true. -Life is good.

On to some excitement? Let's see... We took the dogs in to the vet to get their routine shots. Our sweet Riley is a little bundle of nerves away from home or around new people. So put those things together, give him a shot or two and he had a terrible reaction. Oncc home, Riley's face began to swell. And continued to do so. All to soon he could barely open his eyes. Luckily with a call to the vet we were able to get him some meds and calm him down. Oh the drama it was at the time. Poor little guy!

Dear hubby spoiled me rotten this year for my birthday and bought me the new i-pod nano. I am super excited about that. He caught me by surprise! I of course had to organize all our music and now I have it on the go. :D

A few weeks ago the kids got some new pets. They bought parakeets. Neither picked out the traditional marked parakeet but instead chose white keets. They are really pretty with some unusual markings. To date, things have gone well with being new pet owners.

Do you think my darling daughter needs medical attention? Last night she chopped up some veggies for the birds and when she was putting it into the cage she turned to me and said, "McKena has earned a skill point." That should means something to you only if you are as addicted to Sims as this young lady. LOL! We bought Sims 2 about a month ago and omgoodness does darling daughter enjoy that game! So now she'll be going about her day and make a reference here and there about herself as if she were a Sim character. Sad! ;)

I mentioned at the beginning of this post about it being November. Do you know that means it offically time to start thinking about the holiday season? Yes I am listening to Christmas music as I type. LOL! I am ready for the new season. We are going simple and small this year in gifts and such. I say that each year and each year it seems we enjoy the holiday season more. I appreciate that my kids know- giving to others, spending time together as a family, and remembering not to take things for granted is the the true spirit of Christmas.

Well on to scrappy things? I've done some lo's in my blog absence but I think I'll only post a couple.

* I guess I'll have to come back and post my images as its telling me that feature is temp. unavailable.

I'll try not to disappear again.

You all have a super fantastic week and thanks for stopping in!


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