Friday, December 29, 2006

I think there are issues again

Blogger isn't working with me that last couple of days. Grrrr!

We had a very Merry Christmas and I hope you all did as well. The kids had a somewhat high tech Christmas in the gift recieving. They were very thoughtful in there gift giving. And one of the best gifts of all was that dh has been home all week on vacation. It's been SO NICE!

I have a confession. I've been visiting this site for a while now because it just ROCKS! But I've been intimidated to participate because the talent there is nothing short of amazing. This past week I just decided to bite the bullet and took the challenge. So here's my attempt at Digi Dare #16.

And today my friend Bonnie came down for a visit. How cool is that!!! We spent the day scrapping. She had a bright and shiney new laptop that needed to be broke in. ;) I worked on Digi Dare #17. And here's how it turned out.

Credits can be found in my gallery. TFL!

Have a great weekend all and travel safe this weekend!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas...

From my family to yours!
May you all have a wonderful holiday, much happiness with you families, and may all your pictures turn out merry and bright!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas lights...

The night before last we went to visit my grandma and grandpa. We visited for a while and then went to town and got the kids an ice cream. On the way back to their house we drove around and looked at all the christmas lights in their town. We had such a great time. This one here took the cake of all the houses we saw that night... Darling daughter took the pic from the car window so its just a tad blurry. Any guesses on how many lights these people used or how long it took them to decorate? hehehe

I am so estatic that I am officially on vacation. Yay! When I got off work yesterday I went into town and bought all the stuff we'd need for our big Christmas dinner. I stopped at Target to get some last minute things and found some awesome 8x8 frames that I snapped up to put some of my layouts in. And I rented some movies on the way home. :D

Today I've been working on computers all day. Both of the kids computers needed some work so that kept me busy this morning. Then this afternoon I took dear hubby's puppy in for booster shots. This evening I'm getting ready to pop in some movies and do some crafts. Aw! A nice quiet evening alone. :D

And totally disgusting subject but I must say... the little mouse problem we were suddenly hit with is taken care of. All it took were those cheap little wooden mouse traps. So much for trying to do it the nice way. ;)

Thanks for visiting! Have a nice evening!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

A man and his remote...

Credits can be found in my gallery at DST. TFL!
Well if nothing else this weekend, I've found a little rest. Sleep was sparse this week with this awful sinus congestion. Today I'm feeling slightly better.
Even though I was feeling pretty crummy yesterday we still trudged into town to get the kids their new cell phone. We got a decent deal on it since they were having sales. We needed to get it for them and give it to them a little early because they will be away for a few days before Christmas and I wanted to be able to keep in touch.
We went to church today and then I came home in time for a chat at TDC. The CT threw a little housewarming party for Karah there to welcome her as a new designer there. It was fun!
And this evening I'm finishing up the last few Christmas cards I'll be passing out at work tomorrow and package up the last gift. Phew! Almost done. :)
Did I mention that there is a mere 2 and a half days of work left before I'm on Christmas break for a few weeks? Yipee!
And with that, I must go watch The Grinch with the kids. Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas spirit

I mananged to squeek out a lo this week. Credits can be found in my gallery.:)

Every night this week I've been busy with something... and doing quite a bit of hair for the holiday to boot. Yes I'm a cosmetologist... I used to teach it actually and took a sabatical back when my kids were knee high to a grasshopper. When they started elementary school I was there all the time. Somewhere along the way my volunteering turned into employment and now I just do friends hair on the side. Oh the twists and turns of life. It's all good!

Two days ago I woke up sneezing. It went on all day long.... I felt fine just achoo! all the time. Yesterday I woke feeling SO awful. My sinuses HURT so much and I have a sore throat. Ick! I mustered through work and came home so GRUMPY my kids were cutting big circles around me. :( Poor little guys. Anyway... today is no better. I'm going in to work but I'm not sure I'll stay.

And last night... as cruddy and I felt, I drug myself to darling daughters Christmas concert. It was really cute. They sang several songs but the cutest was when she and her best friend got down off the stage and did the Turkey Tango. hehehe.

Last ... I really am not surprised very often in life. But I simply must share with you how I was shocked, dismayed, dumbfounded.... this weekend when dear hubby and I went shopping. Must fill you in first that this past summer dh's work changed companies they deal with in the cell phone business so we all had to buy out of our contracts and resign with this new company. When we did so this new cell company sold us similar packages that we had with the old cell company and even explained that they had the shared plan and through in a free phone for the kids. Fine and dandy. Where is this leading? Well the kids lost there phone in a few short months. Dear hubby and I thought Santa might consider bringing them a replacement and when we went to see... Not a phone under $200.00 we could buy for replacement. Oh my! I'll leave it there because I'm speechless!

Thanks for visiting and have a great week!

Monday, December 11, 2006

And I am officially done shopping for the holiday

This past week I ended up putting in what felt like a zillion hours at work. Then, Friday was dh and my wedding anniversary which we had no time to celebrate. Saturday though, we did. We went out and finished all our shopping and had lunch at the Olive Garden. Yum! We spent the whole day together before he headed out for work again bright and early Sunday morning. Sunday I spent the entire day home alone cleaning that which had been neglected all week long.
Now I just need to finish the Christmas cards and mail a box off to family by the end of the week. Hopefully that will all come together as planned. Oh and I misplaced one gift that I need to find this week as well. And clearly I am just rambling... sorry!
I've had such little time this week I don't know if I'm coming or going. No scrappy time whatsoever. Tonight perhaps.
Dear son brought home another creation this afternoon that I simply must share once again...
Oh and I did watch PotC one night this week at bedtime... loved it! Jack Sparrow... need I say more? ;)
Have a great week!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Looky looky

what my son made at school today. I was so proud of him. They made them for a fund raiser in their Natural Resources class and of course I was his first customer. ;) All the proceeds will go to a charity.

My darling daughter is still working hard to finish up her last few peices to her advent calander. (she wasn't home much this weekend like me.) I did finish mine. Here's a pic- One of her's coming soon.

I got out all the presents and wrapped them up this week. Nearly done with the shopping. Just need to make a few more peices of jewerly I'm giving as gifts. Tonight I'm going to address the first round of Christmas cards and get them sent out tomorrow. Go me! hehehe ;)

Tomorrow is our Christmas party at work. I'm going to attend and then plan on heading into town right afterwards to pick up Pirates of the Caribean 2. I'm very excited because I haven't seen it yet and I'm dying to!

Well not much time to blog tonight... I hope you all have a wonderful week! :D

Saturday, December 02, 2006

beta blogger?

I hadn't switched before now because I heard of the glitches which made it difficult to post or leave comments. But with all the issues I'm having on the old blogger I went ahead and made the change. Let's see what happens.

The week has been SO busy. Today I didn't get a thing done. Basically just getting some much needed rest. It's been nice. :D

Tonight I'm thinking of putting in a movie and finishing up the last couple of magnets for the advent calander. It's just needing the finishing touch. Maybe I'll work on a lo later too.

Have I told you the story of the mouse? I'll leave you with the story of our little mouse. No it isn't a pet, in case you were wondering. I pulled out a drawer last week that I keep packaged spices in and realized that many packages had holes in the corners of the packages. I, of course, suspected a mouse. I emptied the drawer, cleaned it, and left it empty. A day or two later I pulled out our silverware drawer and found tiny pellets. I was SO MORTIFIED. So off the the store I went. I bought one of those thing-y-ma-jigs that let off a high requency to scare them off and a couple of mouse traps that are suppose to be humane... they go into this little box and are supposed to be trapped in there until you dispose of them. Well that little bugger can get in and out of the box. He did the first day I put it out. But the good news is that I haven't seen any traces of him in a few days now. Keeping my fingers crossed that its GONE!

Well, I should be off. Have a great weekend!


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