Thursday, March 20, 2008

A cool little table

So if you know me you know I love antiques. I was in search of an antique bed frame when I stumbled upon this darling little typewriter table. Its sturdy, in excellent shape and full of charm. It just screamed to me to use it for a scrappy table. So I added a basket underneath to hold my hybrid stuff and it's done. It has been working so well. Both sides of the table lift up so I have more space when needed yet keeps my stuff contained to a fairly reasonable area. We won't talk about the space I used as a paper scrapper. LOL!

Last Friday we went to the daughter's schools carnival. It was fun and we got to meet lots of people at the new school. McKena even won a pet basket in the raffle. Owner of five pampered pooches... it still came in handy! ;)

THE BIGGEST weight was lifted off my shoulders this week after thirteen very long and stressful months. I posted about this over the past summer I think... the bank that financed our car made TWO ENORMOUS mistakes on our account thirteen months ago. We have been going through all the motions and fighting this tooth and nail. Anyway, after a long and windy road, we finally have the credits back to our account and a letter stating that we had in fact MADE OUR PAYMENTS and ON TIME through the duration of the loan. This has been a daily struggle for much of the last year so *deep sigh of relief*. It's finally over.

I have been crafty since the last post however I only have one lo to share today. This is a lo using Karah's new kit. I scrapped pics of last Easter.

We are looking forward to Easter this year too. I should be a nice quiet day at home. We colored eggs the other night which was fun as always. Still not quite sure what'll be the main dish but I always enjoy being in the kitchen because we each have ways of contributing to the meal on the holidays. Even the kids have their favorite dishes they've mastered preparing. After an early dinner we sit around the table and play our favorite family games. It's nice to unplug for a day and really just enjoy one another. What are some of your traditions?

I hope you all have a most blessed Easter.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I've learned a lot about Egypt this week helping darling daughter with her social studies. lol!

Beyond that... well, this weekend darling daughter and I went shopping. She had quite a nice chunk of moolah she had saved up and got for her birthday. We had so much fun. In the end the little penny pincher bought herself one shirt and matching bracelets all of which were on sale. Then she came home and had me order online for her some puffles that she'd been wanting since Christmas. I bought some makeup at Macy's that I needed and was excited it also came with a free gift. Love those makeup testers! And I also bought myself new PJ's which are heavenly and so so comfy... I confess- I didn't want to get out of them on Sunday. Heehee. Then I purchased some goodies online at WST too...

Once upon a time I was a paper scrapper. A few years ago I stumbled into digital scrapbooking and it fit so well that I boxed up A LOT of my paper supplies and sent them off to a friend. In the last few months I find myself wanting to tackle a few projects and so... hybrid... I've gone hybrid with one of my scrapbooking designers. Here is my second hybrid project -

And here is one lo that I've done of the kids trip to Disneyland/California Adventure. This picture my darling daughter took... not bad, eh?

That's about it for this evening. Thanks for stopping in and have a great weekend my friends!


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