Monday, July 31, 2006

I *may* have been overshooting

when I said -tomorrow. ;)

I said I'd give you more detail on camp. (LO's coming soon!) I think the highlights (other than our boat) were flashlight hide & seek, glow stick tag, (which were both played at night when it was cooled off some) and the baptisms. They did drawings throughout the camp too. My dh won a Third Day cd which he happily traded me for the Milk Duds I won. Yay for me! All in all it was great. And we can hardly wait for it again next year.

Ethel and the pups.... I took pics on Saturday morning to post but didn't end up on the internet until yesterday. And yesterday the site was down that houses my pics so.... here I am today offering pics that are now a few days old. Sorry!

This one is the same as in the first post of the pups. I wanted to picture her again so we could see how she is growing. I can still hold her in my hand. Why is she laying like that? Its funny because she was sleeping like this even after I picked her up.

And here's a pic of the great momma and her six puppies.

Last week I took the kids to the mall once again. And I am proud to say we are DONE with back to school shopping now with the exception of shoes. We even picked up their school bags too.

Two children for sale! Two children for sale! Lying, screaming, spying.... children for sale! That is how I felt this last week. The kids just couldn't seem to get it together. Ugh! It was those silly little petty arguments, the ignoring instruction, shrecking their chores, mocking one another, pitching the tantrums for time-outs, etc. Did I say Ugh? *deep sigh* Now reassuring myself that this is the dawn of a new day. :D

I finished TDC and boy it was pretty interesting. Now I'd like to see the movie and see how true they were to the book. Yes, I'm a geek.

Here's a couple of LO's I did over the weekend.

(credits: papers by Meredith Fenwick, grunge frame by Jessica Sprague, date pin by Holly McCaig)

(credits: jungle kit by Meredith Fenwick, hanging tags by Holly McCaig, font LB Marci, torn paper by ACA)

Well I must confess I did some shopping this week over at PDW. Wow! they have a great site. And now I am heading over to check out Gina's grand opening before heading of to work. Have a fabulous week all!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

We're back!

We had a great time. I can also say that I am glad to be home and done camping for the summer. It's so much fun but so much work at the same time.

It was hot Hot HOT. Friday was a record breaking 105 degrees and we played on the lake all day. Tubed, swam, fished.... etc. I'll give ya some more details soon.

We came home to an expanded family. Ethel, our Yorkie, was expecting. And although she wasn't due for another week I just had this feeling. So I tried to kennel her so she wasn't left unattended but they don't accept expectant mothers much to my dismay. Because of that, my dear friend took her in and as it turns out - mid wifed her through delivery Sunday morning in the wee hours. Thank goodness she was there for us!

I've been lost in laundry, unpacking, and attending to momma and her babes when not at work these past few days.

Here's some pics of the cuties. These pics were taken just a few hours ago so the pups are nearly three days old.

And here's some of the litter. Little Ethel has 6 pups. That seems like a lot to me from such a small dog.

With that, I'll leave you until tomorrow. It's getting late. Good night!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Off again, off again, jiggy jog...

We are on our way out for another camping trip. This time its our church camping. It should be so much fun! And we are going up to beautiful Lake Mayfield. So I'm off to put in a few hours of work this morning then we are gone.

With packing and such I've not had one minute to scrap but I did get my downloading done. So when I get back I plan to get creative with all these vacation pics. :D

There's a little rumor that its supposed to get up to a 105 degrees tomorrow and stay there for three days... gah! If it does it will set record highs for the Pacific Northwest. Let's hope this is one of the many times that they are wrong in the forecast. ;)

Well ta ta for now and have a super awesome weekend everyone!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday... already!?!?

When I woke this morning I couldn't believe it was Tuesday already. The week is just flying by.

I have two children and 4 dogs. Did you know that? I also have a spotbot. In which I must say is a LIFE SAVER! I would really recommend it to anyone. Its compact and portable and quick in removing those little oppies between serious carpet cleanings.

Do you go through the scrapping phases where you find colors or textures or styles to like and you just have to go with it? That's me. I bought some of Merediths kits and am downloading them and I just love her Urban Colour collection.

And I picked these two out just for fun. :D

And I have been lost for the past few days in The DaVinci Code. I refused to see the movie until I read the book. Great book! So many interesting theories... riveting.
Well... off to finishing downloading my new treats. It's times like these that I really wish I were not on dial up. Oh well. Have a great day!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

ah... a day off

I've had my morning coffee and sat at the computer working on a lo. It doesn't get much better than that for some good ol' R&R.

Thursday we ran down to Portland after work and started the kids back to school shopping. We stormed Old Navy. Got about 50% of our shopping done... yay! And they had the cutest ever line of clothing for dogs. Yes! I bought a few things for Harry too. Then we had dinner at the Olive Garden. Yum! And we stopped at Costco on our way home to restock the freezer food. It was a very nice evening.

We took Harry in yesterday to get his stitches removed. He's healing quite well and back to his regular self. Which brings me to the subject of my lo.... My inspiration was a paper lo in the Aug. CK mag. :D

(credits: Amy Jo Kit by M. Terasawa, lined paper by Kristy Ann, Picture hangers by Gina Cabrera, Ribbons by Shabby Princess, Font is Bookman Antiqua and LB Kerry, Ink action by AC)

Today is supposed to be beautiful and 85. So I shall be off to take the kids to the lake. Hope you all have a fab weekend! Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm a bad blogger

and scrapper this week for that fact. We have just been go go go since returning from vacation.

I must share with you my Best Buy story. My laptop was having issues and I thought the warrenty was no longer in effect. Luckily, I was wrong and it was still covered so I took it into BB a few weeks ago.

Me: "Here's my laptop which is under warrenty (provided papers). I would like you to fix the ac adapter inside the computer as it has come unsoldered from the motherboard."

BB Geek: "Not a problem. May I suggest that you pay us to back up all your documents so that you don't have to start from scratch when you get it back from service?"

Me: "Why would I need to start from scratch if all you are doing in worst case scenario is replacing the motherboard and the number 5 key?" (points to hole in keypad)

BB Geek: "Well I sent out a laptop to have the screen replaced because of a pixel issue and they wiped it clean. It really might be worth a $100.00 in case that happens to you."

Me: Deep sigh. Thinking what a lovely sales ploy this is. "Fine!"

Fast forward two weeks-

Me: "Hi I'm here to pick up my laptop. You left a message that it was ready for pick up."

New BB Geek: "Let me go find that for you."

Me: endure a 10 minute wait while witness to some serious whispering between my geek and fellow geeks. I begin to fret.

New BB Geek: "Here's your computer." He did his best to look cool calm and collected at this point.

Me: "Did they wiped my data?"

New BB Geek: "No! Everythings fine and they did the repairs you requested. So just sign here." Hands me a pen.

Me: "Great!" I pick up the pen and while reviewing the papers I inquire to my back up disc I paid $100.00 for.

New BB Geek: Stammering- "A... well see that's a problem. I can't find it. Or any documentation that it was done before we sent it out. This has NEVER happened before."

Me: "So its a really good thing that service didn't mess up on my computer."

I actually had to insist up a refund for the back up disc fee since I was not provided a disc nor did they have proof that one was ever made. Normally its a flat fee and non refundable. Sheesh guys!

So when I got it home I decided to add some funk and painted the armrest. You like?


About three weeks ago we took dh's pup in to be spayed. Then last week we took my dog in to be fixed and have his baby teeth pulled that never fell out on their own. Well when I got him in the vets office I learned that he really needed to have his dew claws removed and that it was quite a procedure. My poor little guy! His recovery has been tough on him. How sad is this?

Well no scrapping done what so ever. The closest thing was making a new profile pic. But now that we're settled back in I hope to have time this weekend. Have a fantastic Friday.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

We're back!

We had the best time ever! It was just gorgeous at the lake. Nearly every day we were on the water and love love loved it. We fished, tubed and swam... ahhh!
Here's a few pics of the lake. The first was our view from our campsite. The other three are pics from the boat of our surroundings.

It's nice to be back. We're still unpacking. So this post is short and sweet.

I'll post again soon. Thanks for reading! :D


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