Monday, August 27, 2007

Knock me over

with a proverbal feather. A little history here first- My dh has been a smoker all of his adult life. When we first met (8 years ago), he quit but didn't tell me until later that he'd done that. Impressive! So for the first four years we were together he was NOT a smoker. Then his mom fell ill and passed away. He started smoking again during that time and he's been smoking ever since. Well back to last night. He comes home from work and tells me and the kids that he is QUITING. We are so thrilled and very proud of him!

The rest of my post will be small potatoes to that news. ;)

I took it easy this weekend because I felt sick all weekend. Just icky and fluish. Yuck! I did scrap a little. The Amazing digi scrapping race came to and end yesterday. It was a lot of fun! My partner and I did finish the race. Our names will be put into the drawing for the grand prize. Wish us luck! :D

Before by dear hubby came home with the news of quiting smoking, the highlight of my week had been that he was bringing me home a hubcap for my car. I know that sounds silly but I had a flat like six months ago or so and lost my hubcap. We were going to buy a new one but Chevy wanted to charge us upwards of $100 bucks for a plastic cap. So my dh said to let him see if he could find one this summer at a junk yard and if not we'd order a new one when school started. Well - he found one the other day! He brought it home last night and put it on and now my car looks all nice and purty again.

Tomorrow I'm back to work. Yep... I'll be excited about it if I wake up feeling ship shape in the morning. I'm looking forward to fall and a new routine.

Well here's what I scrapped this week. Thank for looking!

Thanks for stopping in! Have a super great week!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The poor kids

They been poked and prodded by the dentist, doctor, and tomorrow their orthodontist. They are no longer good sports about it either. But alas they are ready for school to start back up next week. Luckily, they had no cavities, no health issues, and only had to get one booster shot each. The orthodontist appointment will be a breeze. Hehehe

This afternoon we are heading into Target to pick up the last few things the kids need as far as school supplies. And then I'm taking darling daughter over to Macy's to get her a little make-up. Gasp! It's hard to believe she's old enough to start wearing make-up. I've talked with her about doing this just before school starts but really I think it was to my benefit so that I would get used to the idea that she's growing up. *sniff sniff* What's a mother to do? This is my youngest too!

I must say, much to my relief, my dear son chose NOT to play football this year. I'm actually really glad because last year it was nothing but stressful for us both. It was a hard decision for him which he wanted me to make but I didn't. Instead, both kids are going to join a bowling program. I don't know all the details at this point but its a 33 week program where we meet every Saturday and it's tied in with some sort of scholarship program. They seem pretty excited about it. It should be interesting. And then if dear son keeps his grades up this fall he is going to give basketball a try this winter. It's all good, right? ;)

The weather has been so wacky this summer. It's been cool and rainy one day and bright and warm the next. Along with the changes in pressure we must have a high pollen count right now because my ds and I keep waking with our allergies really bothering us. All week long we've had headaches and sinus discomfort. I'll be glad when its fall and the weather isn't changing on us from day to day.

I haven't been super scrappy this week. Just busy getting the house organized and the last minute stuff done before heading back to work next week. Here's one lo of our stop at Powell's book store recently. :D

Well, I'm thinking that when we run to town we need to stop at the mall and get some new lotions at both and body works, stop into the salon and gets some new hair goods, and definately stop at heart & home to get some new yummy fall-ish smelling Yankee tarts. That should brighten a girls day - don't you think?

You all have a great rest of the week and thanks for stopping in!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm a bad blogger!

And with boring posts to boot! I need to try an make this blog a little more interesting. LOL!

This week I got a little email from Ms. Amanda inviting me to stay on her team. I was a guest for the month and am just pleased as punch to get an official spot on her CT. She's so sweet and her designs are fun, funky, and fab! Check her out over at TDC. There's a quick link in my sidebar. ;)

The Race is going well. Jen and I have only ONE more week. That's two challenges and then we'll be in the drawing for the grand prize. Last I heard it was over $2000. of stuff in the pot. Wowza~!

Some friends linked me to a different weight tracker place called Sparkpeople and its free. I checked it out and it is similar to the WW online but seems to have even more support and an email feature to send you cooking, exercise, inspirational tips and such. I recommend you check it out. It's pretty cool!

And here's what I've been scrappin' since my last post. TFL!

I spent all of Friday afternoon and evening deleting some old used kits and organizing and backing up newer files. Just getting things ship shape as summer is coming to an end. I alway back up to the EHD and try to back up every so ofter to DVD too. Better safe than sorry... you know? When was the last time you did? Just a friendly reminder. So many people have lost all their stuff lately with various problems. :)

Well, I need to go pick dear hubby up from work soon. So thanks so much for stopping by! Have a super Sunday!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The last few days have been a blur...

Well Sunday, we worked around the house and cleaned out the garage. In the evening we sat around the table and played games. Its so fun when we do that!

Monday dh got up and went out fishing. The kids and I sat around and played the PS2. I can't remember the last time I did that with them. In the afternoon when dh got home we laid the flooring in the main bathroom. We bought all the flooring at the beginning of summer but hadn't made the time to get it done. It turned out awesome. Then I went into town and got my haircut. I had about 3" taken off the ends and it looks so much better. :D

Tuesday. Now Tuesday we planned on going to the Zoo. We got up and drove an hour and a half to the exit to learn the parking area was full and were directed to an overflow parking lot about 10 miles away. No big deal right? It took us over an hour to drive those 10 miles. We were getting a little frustrated and hungry so I started handing out sandwiches I'd packed. When we finally made it to the overflow lot, there was another very long wait to get onto a school bus that was taking people back over to the zoo. At that point we gave up and headed off to find something else to do. So from the over flow parking lot we headed to downtown Portland where we were rear ended - twice - by the same lady. Do I need to say more? She did NOT deserve to be behind the wheel of a car! The first time it was a lighter tap. (We were in the stop and go traffic and she kept going threw the lights and was out in the intersection rather than waiting for the next green light.) She hit the ball hitch we have in to tow our boat. The second time she threw us forward a bit. My dh got out of the car and checked out our car. Now dh is so passive and such a people person but he was ticked after the second holt and he yelled at the lady to quit hitting us. She sheepishly apologized. Dh told her she had hit our tow ball and cracked the grill and bumper on her SUV so she should back off. When he got back in the car he told me there was no damage to our rig. Thank goodness for that. She followed us a couple more blocks (right on our bumper still) and then turned off. CRAZY!

We ended up going over to the Lloyd Shopping Center for a little while and doing some more back to school shopping. Then we crossed the street to play in some water fountains set up there. That was so nice because it was 95 degrees out. And then we went to this great pizza place we like to go to when in Portland and had a delicious dinner. On the way home we stopped at a park and let the kids play for a bit. It was not what we planned for the day, but we really enjoyed what the day brought!

Today dear hubby is back to work. Dear son is off spending the night at a friends house. And darling daughter and I have been being kinda lazy and watching movies. Tomorrow I shall get back into my routine. ;)

I hope you all are having a super hump day!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday again?

Time flies when you're having fun! Wow!

This week the kids had dentist appointments and I'm happy to say neither had cavities. :) I have my appointment next week. I really dislike going to the dentist office... as a kid it was a bad phobia. So hopefully next week I'll be in and out with good report.

I am officially a dork. Yes its true! I had my kids doubled over in laughter in the middle of the grocery aisle this week. We were stopped at the shampoo and I was looking at some of the erbal essence that all come in flavors. There was a new one out so I picked it up and opened it to smell when it burped and shampoo came flying out all over my face and down my shirt. I swear I thought I was on candid camera!

Yesterday, we headed out to do some back to school shopping. The boy is DONE. Yippee! And I got his jeans on sale (which is a big deal since he fits best those jeans at Pac Sun). Daughter is almost done... one more trip with her and we should be able to finish up. And when we finished school shopping we picked dear hubby up from work and took the kids to Powell's. It's a bookstore of all bookstores and I had yet to take my kids there. They had a blast! It was so much fun! You know there's a lo coming of this, don't ya? ;)

Dollar days. We LOVE 'em. We love to go rent movies on dollar Mondays. And all summer long the bowling ally's been only a dollar. The kids and I can go and bowl for several hours and it doesn't cost more than $10.00. Gotta love it! This week I learned that the Portland zoo has $2 buck Tuesday. Guess where we are heading next week? LOL!

Well, today until next Wednesday, we are on family vacation. We were supposed to go camping but the lakes are SO LOW that we can't take our boat to our usual spot. :S So we are going to stick around here and do some other family activities. It's all good. So you guys have a great fantastic weekend and I'll be back to cyberspace again soon!

And here's the lo's I've been working on this week. The first was taken when we had lunch with grandma last week. The second I started back in April and it was forgotton. Glad I ran into it the other day. And the last is for the Amazing Digi Race Challenge. It's a lo of my partners pooch who passed away a few years ago. She was a cutie! - TFL!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

It must be time

to go back to work soon. It's been nice having the summer off but having all this time off lets my mind get too bored. Then I start worrying about silly stuff... even thinking about it in my sleep. That can't be good for you.

And I've been a busy girl this week. I tried blogging mid week but blogger wasn't cooperating. So this post may be longer than the usual.

Let's see. We've been going strong around the house. This week we mowed the lawn again, steam cleaned the high traffic areas of the carpet, moved around some furniture and cleaned under them and the cushions, and bought the odds and ends needed to finish up the bathroom and the molding in the kitchen.

I had a routine eye doctor appointment early in the week. I've been wearing glasses for several years now because I have a lazy left eye and I'm a tad farsighted. So good news at my appointment because my left eye has improved. Doctor said that he felt all I needed this time was simple reading glasses. Wow! We picked up a pair (which I was happy to learn are so much cheaper than the ones I've been wearing) and they work wonderfully. :)

And yesterday we went into town and met my Grandmother for lunch. It was really nice to see her. For one reason or another we haven't been able to get together since Christmas-ish time. Too long! We went back to her house after lunch and played a board game and visited. It was really nice. Afterwards I took the kids bowling while we were in town. They were all smiles and actually not bickering. *Shock* lol.

Two years ago when my son was going into the 6th grade, there was a teacher he REALLY wanted. We had never requested one for him before so that year we did and he got the teacher we requested. Funny thing - during that summer we got a letter stating that that teacher was relocating and so they would be welcoming a new teacher. Okay the reason I said that was because he did have the new teacher and loved her. Now darling daughter is going into the sixth grade and requested that newer teacher that son had for the sixth grade. That was supposed to be her teacher. I'm sure you can see where this is going. We got a letter a couple of days ago stating that she had relocated over the summer and we would be welcoming another new teacher. Kinda strange that that happened to both the kids when going into the sixth grade. At least we thought so anyway.

Am I totally boring you yet?

I'll wrap it up with the lo's I worked on this week. All of these are either of products from the creative teams I'm on OR for the Amazing Digi Scrapping Race. TFL!


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