Wednesday, September 27, 2006


This is one of those mornings when you wake up and have all those little odds and bits going through your head. Nothing a great importance just little things like- I'm thrilled we found all the puppies a good home and we can now clean all the carpets this weekend since we are puppy free. - Also thinking about how long today is going to be for me and the kids. I work today from 8:30 to 3:00 have a break until 4:15 and then working again until 8:15. And that makes for a long day. - Another thought - ever since I was a little girl I've had a phobia of dentists. Why am I telling you this? Well I have been very lucky as an adult and needed very little work on my teeth. A few weeks ago I went in with the kids for our regular checkup and the dentist tells me I have the beginning of a cavity. Really no biggie under normal circumstances but this little spot is near a old filling so he wants to go digging around. EEEK! It took me two weeks to get up the courage to call in to make the appointment and then when I did the office was closed. So this is probably why its on my mind this morning - I should call on my break today and bite the bullet. <*sigh*>

Well I'll leave you off with one more silly little thing- a memory that has me chuckling again this morning. Children are SO SWEET! A few day ago while at work a group of kids came running up to me. (These were small kids around 6 and 7 years old.) They were hooting and hollering "Teacher, teacher..... look what we found!" Then they proudly sport a rather large tree frog. They were really cute! I really love that age. So back to the story.... I tell them that if you flip the frog over and gently rub its belly that it'll take a nap. They giggle and run off. About four minutes pass and one child comes back over to me. "Teacher! Look he's asleep!" Then out comes his grimey little hand to proudly display a frog lying motionless on its back on his palm. I smiled. He smiled. Then jokingly I asked him if he could hear the frog snoring. The little boy's face gets a puzzled look and he slowly retracts his arm and leans his ear down near the frog to listen.

Cracked me up! ;)

Shall insert a rooster call here for those of you I've put to sleep with my rather boring ramblings? ;)

Thanks for visiting and have a super hump day!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday post

Well I ended up having Friday off as well since my son was not feeling better. Poor thing has been absolutely miserable this entire school year. We got him some meds and lots of rest so he is feeling better now, thankfully. We did however make a tough decision for him to quit the football team. With his health lately and missing so many practices on top of all the schoolwork he was coming home with it just seemed to be the best choice. He really loves playing football so this was a tough decision. I hope the kids at school go easy on him when they learn today that he's not finishing out the season.

And on a lighter note, Saturday I busted out of the house and went into town to shop. I went to the Learning Palace and bought the kids this cool antfarm amoung other things.

Here's ours~

I thought it'd be fun to take some pics of it during different stages. :D

While out shopping I also picked up the second season of GA. Really I was going to be good and just rent it to get caught up but they split it up into 5 rentals which made it so pricey I thought it'd be better to just buy it. Of course I dash into Target and pick it up and head to the check out line. The cashier says "Oh you watch this? I love it." I reply that I just recently started watching and am trying to get caught up. Then she says (clearly without thinking) I hated it when so and so dies in the second season. I can't believe she did that. Some people are SO RUDE! Notice I did not go into detail in case any readers of my blog are in the same boat as me. ;) Anyway I'm looking forward to settling in tonight and watching some of the second season.

One lo was produced this weekend and here it is~ FUN A shameless scraplift of Gina Miller's Crazy Child.

(Credits: Zazou's little fishies kit, Corina Neilson's cheap trims, Gina Miller's ricrac, Michelle Coleman's furry heart and staples, Holly McCaig's buttons and glitter letters. Font is Everett Steel's hand.)

And last but certainly not least, a picture of my new desk hence my new scrappy space. :D

Thanks for stopping in to visit. Now I must be off to show a lady our last little puppy for sale. I hope we find it a good match. :D Bye!

Friday, September 22, 2006


Hello blogland.

I was off work yesterday to take care of my son who's feeling a bit under the weather. I felt bad for the poor not-so -little guy. He layed in bed all day with the exception of lunchtime when he had some homemade soup.

Really it was kinda nice for me to be home an extra day - just not at his expense- because I got a lot done around the house. Ever feel so overwhelmed by the little stuff you let slide during the week? For me it had been the little stuff adding up for the last two weeks since I was in bed myself for a large portion of last weekend. Anywhoo... The list is managable once again. Woot woot!

Television is watched primarily by the children in our home. I rarely watch any- really. So I must confess, while shopping at Target earlier in the week, I bought season one of Grey's Anatomy. If dear son is feeling well and returns to school today (I'll know when he gets up this morning) then I plan on heading into town to buy season two after work. And yes, I did watch the Season three beginning last night. I'm hooked- what can I say? ;P

The desk was assembled for the most part the other night. But yesterday I was able to finish all the small things like the drawers and keyboard slider and such. I'm so very pleased with it. I'll have to take a picture to post soon since its my scrappy space. :D

And speaking of scrappy.... I did one lo yesterday~

(credits: Peppermint Creative's Cinnamon Tea kit, Holly McCaig's aged lined paper, Gina Miller's metal hinge. Font is teletype. Actions used: AC's chalking.)
Hope you all have a super fabulous and fantastic Friday. And... enjoy the first day of Fall.
(My most favorite time of the year!)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What's that saying?

The one that goes something like 'today's not your day and tomorrow isn't looking good either'. I feel like that is this week's motto. Hmph! Ugh! Grrrrrr!

Nearly all that could go wrong has. Can I just go hide in bed under the covers until the weekend? Palease!!!!!!!! Purty palease?

Not only am I having a rotten week, so is my son. He started middle school this year and it has been an aweful experience for him to date. I am really concerned. He has this amazing opportunity to travel at the end of the school year but this doubt has crept into the back of my mind wondering if it isn't too much. Then I start wondering if I am being over protective or if it would really be in his best interest to see if it can be delayed a summer or two. Sigh.

Sherri has a new kit she is releasing some time this week and I just love it. Here's a peek~

(credits: Sherri Tierney's Grandma Always Said kit, Corina Neilson's trims and corner, Holly McCaig's buttons and tag. Font is CK Jacque. AC stitching. Actions used were photoblast vivid color.)
I went out and bought myself a new desk. So off I go to try and put the sucker together. Wish me luck. TTFN!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Long time gone.

(Credits: Sherri Tierney's Fresh Funky Fun kit. Corina Neilson's Happy Flowers. Fonts are CK Retro Block and RW Jot. Actions used were Photoblast Color wash and AC Inked edges.)

(Credits: Sherri Tierney's Fresh Funky Fun kit. Ribbon and tag by Holly McCaig. Font ACME Secret Agent.)
Well......... There's the latest. Not only my latest scrappy pages but some of the news that I wanted to share. I am now proudly creating for Simply Sherri designs. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have the opportunity. She released two kits this week and both the lo's shown are from her Fresh Funky Fun kit. If you like what you see you can buy her kits here or here. :D
In other news, I still have this stinking cold and it is kicking my butt. If that wasn't bad enough, now I am getting this gynormous cold sore on my top lip for all the world to see. I rarely ever get cold sores... really! I can count on one hand how many times I've had them in my life. So what is this all about? Bah humbug!
So last Sunday the kids and I went to church as usual. Afterwards we went to the park and enjoyed a picnic which was so much fun! (See top lo- ;) ) It was really a beautiful day and we enjoyed it to its fullest. Then we came home and the kids did their homework. Can you believe that both kids had three and a half hours of work last Sunday? That seemed like a lot to me. Sheesh. I guess I should be glad that they are learning stuff though.
Through the week its been work, football, schoolwork, and more work. Notice there hasn't been much time in there for housework or internet time. Sorry to have become a sloucher in the blogging department but that is life at the moment. I know you all can relate. Just a few more weeks of football I remind myself and that should free up quite a bit of time. :D
Well, thanks so much for stopping by to read. I updated a few links and such in my side panel. And now I am hoping for a little scrappy time over the weekend. Sherri other new kit is calling my name........ lol
Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 08, 2006


I'm up in the middle of the wee hours of morning waiting for my next dose of Sudafed to kick in and give my sinuses some relief and thought, why not blog? lol.

Work started back up the week before last and I knew I would be scarce around here the first few weeks because of it... but sheesh! And if work, dear son's football, and trying to get rid of the puppies isn't enough, I have a miserable cold. Working in an elementary school, I seemed to always get a cold the first few months of school and then build up some resistance. *sniffle sniffle*

Other than working, football, and getting rid of the puppies, we took our last summer trip this past weekend. There is a small town about an hour and a half from our home (so small you blink and you will miss it kind of town ;) ) and they are famous for their town flea markets. Yes! People come from all over the Pacific Northwest to sell their *stuff* in this town twice a year. It really is insane but oh so fun to go to. So Sunday that is exactly what we did. Darling daughter rode the ponies. Here's some pics-

There was this sign on the gate- hehe

And then we drove up to Seattle and had dinner at the Olive Garden. Yummy! We stayed overnight in a hotel and the next morning we went and spent the day at Six Flags Enchanted Parks. Here's a pic I took just before we ate lunch-

I'll post some more when I have time to scrap again. :D
And before I leave I shall answer the lingering question... My natural hair color IS blond. If I told you that I was a cosmetologist would is explain why my hair has been so many different colors? Mostly in beauty school way back when I might add. ;)
As soon as things settle down and I have some regularity to my schedule again, I really have some fun things to share. I hope that comes soon rather than later.
Thanks all for stopping by! TTFN and TGIF! :D

Saturday, September 02, 2006


I'm feeling so blue right now. I just sent off three of the puppies. (Two of them were pups I was particularly fond of. *sniffle sniff*) I tried not to get attached but its so hard when they are so cute and so full of personality. Okay... sorry for the tiny pity party. I'm done now.
I was tagged by a friend which I mentioned yesterday, so... thanks Sherri. List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets.
  1. All melon candles give me headaches.
  2. I eat my french fries before my hamburger.
  3. My second toe is longer than my first.
  4. Word search puzzles are easy for me yet I can't do a crossword to save my life.
  5. I've been platinum blonde, blonde, red headed, brunette and black haired at one time or another in my life. Anyone know what my natural color is? :P

And just for fun I will do a list for my dog too.

  1. Harry is a talker. Not to be mistaken for a yipper. He loves to be vocal at times - acting like he's speaking to me.
  2. He loves the boat and gets upset if we don't take him out with us.
  3. My dog loves to tube out on the boat. And yes he has his own life jacket.
  4. When in the car with us he always rides up on my shoulders. (behind my head and the headrest)
  5. Clothes are his thing. He loves to dress up and go out. (Can you tell this dog is spoiled rotten?)

Well that's all I have today folks. I should get off of the line in case more people are trying to call through for puppies. So you all have a fantastic weekend!!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Back to the land of blogging

Did you miss me? ;)

Last weekend we cleaned our garage. That was an entire day long process but well worth it. Sunday and Monday were very nice and we finished doing all those last minute things before back to school time.

Wednesday the kids were back and I got a pic which I'll post in a lo soon. :D The week was crazy from there. I am so happy it's Friday. And a holiday weekend no less. Three blissful days of R&R.

The puppies are so darn adorable. I will be both happy and sad to see them go. They are fun to play with and watch. They are also tons of work. Did I mention the ad comes out in tomorrow's paper? Yep! they are six weeks old already and eating solid foods.

Throughout the week I fiddled here and there on a lo. And here it is...

(credits: Michelle Coleman Gypsy Rose kit, ric rac and heart by Gina Miller's Hampton kit, charm by Corina Neilson, "together" twill by DDE forever grateful kit)

I was tagged by a friend and will have to save that for tomorrow's post. Thanks for stopping by. :D


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