Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Life....

is described in this post it right now. Run run run! I'm really only here on my blog posting today for a challenge entry for DSS. We were to doodle on a post it and then post it on our blog.hehehe.
Last week was crazy and this week is worse believe it or not. Over the weekend my darling daughter went to stay the night at a friends house but started vomiting so I had to go pick her up very early in the morning. All day Saturday I waited on her and cleaned up after her. All the while my son has some friends that are a set of identical twins and they were also over staying the night. So although the ps2 kept them fairly busy, I was trying to do some damage control to the house by randomly coming into the family room and picking up.

Monday darling daughter was feeling better and thank goodness because we had to drive for a few hours to go pick up dh that night. It was a nice trip too because we stopped and shopped at Old Navy and Target. Then we stopped and had dinner in Vancouver at the Olive Garden. Yum!
Tuesday my dh had a minor surgury so I took the day off work to go with him to the hospital. He's at home recooping and things went very well. He did some strategic planning for this and will be off until Monday.... notice he'll be home for the SuperBowl. ;)

Today we took a dog in to be fixed. Then I worked a half day. Back home to take care of dear hubby... and I 'm here now. Soon I'll be running back into town to pick up the dog and back to work for another 3 or 4 hours this evening.

I did manage this past week to get a couple of lo's done by working on them a little bit here and there.

Credits are in my galleries. Thanks for looking! And I hope you all have a super great week!

Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm still alive

as in I've lived to tell about this week. hehehe.
I think its safe to say that we were so busy this week it kept us out of trouble. Isn't that the old saying. Not that the week's over just yet. ;)

It's funny because I got to work on Monday and someone nearby the school was open burning. I could smell it in the classroom and called the office to report it. Well, after I sat back down I thought praise the Lord I can smell again! Even if it's smoke! This entire school year it seems I've had a perpetual cold and am always stuffy, then with this time off of school for the snow and ice I was able to kick the cold. So three days back to school and guess what. Yep! I can't smell a thing and I'm all stuffed up again. Bummer! I know.

There's a busy busy schedule ahead for today so I'm going to post the 2 lo's I didn't on the last post and wish you all a super fantastic wonderful fabulous FRIDAY! Thanks so much for visiting!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hi all. Just popping in here for a couple of minutes. This week is CRAZY BUSY for the family so I haven't much time.

Not that you asked but we have:

1.Three basketball games we must attend
2.DD is doing cheercamp every day after school this week
3.Tonight both my kids are going to the Wasl party for those that passed
4.Every morning and afternoon this week one or the other have tutoring
5.Two of my five days I work this week are 12 hour days
6.And I promised to do 4 haircuts on Friday. Eek!
7.I started redoing my bill paying area at home and it's currently in shambles. I must finish it and pay bills in the next day or two.
8.On top of all of that, I've been trying to redo our main bathroom too. Which MUST be finished in this next week before I have our woman's meeting at my home.

Crazy I told you! At least tonight will give me a chance at cheer camp and the wasl party to take some pics and check the camera. :) And I'm very very pleased with my kids for doing such a great job on their wasl. Lately there have been some struggles with their academics so it is nice to sit back today and enjoy their accomplishments. :)

The last week we were home quite a bit with the snow so I did a lot of scrapping. I'm not going to post all my lo's now, but here's a couple. And of course they are snow related. hehehe.

As usual, credits can be found in my gallery linked up top. :)

I don't know how much I'll be on the computer this week. So have a super fantastic week my friends!!! And thanks for all the well wishes about my camera, I really appreciated them!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I need a shoulder

to cry on. *lip quivering*



So here's the story. Yesterday we had another snow day. Dear hubby was actually home too so we went out sledding. At first I took a bunch of pics and then handed the camera over to hubby so he could snap a few of me with the kids. Then it was put away in the camera bag... or so I thought. (Dh did put it in the bag but then saw a bunch of kids and neighbors over that way so he decided to put it back into his pocket to keep it safe.) So at dusk, we were going back into the house and I asked if we have everything and dh notices our camera missing. We stayed out until 10:00 last night looking for it in the dark and did not find it. Of course I'm heading back out there this morning to look some more (yes another snow day) but even if I find it, I'm thinking it's most likely ruined. *sniffle*

It was an accident..... and they happen..... but I'm so sad! :(

*****Edited to add update: We searched this morning high and and low with the snow falling all around us. It wasn't looking good at all. Then I saw it. Just the small grey wriststrap, but I saw it. The camera was completely buried under the snow and when I pulled the strap the camera lifted up and was completely covered with compacted snow. It's thawing out now and will just have to see if it will still work when the moisture has cleared. Thanks for the shoulder!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

And yet more snow

This is so strange. We still have the snow from last week and this morning it is snowing again. And that makes for our 4th snow day this year. I have a feeling we will be going to school until the end of June. But hey! What do you do? We'll enjoy the snow. :D

The other day we walked up to the mailboxes just to get out and about. We took the dogs with us. It really is so beautiful seeing everything covered in snow.

Yesterday the roads were somewhat clear so we went into town to watch Night at the Museum. It was a great family movie! We haven't been to the movie in ages! The previews were great too, seems a bunch a great movies are coming out in a few months.

This weekend I worked on a few lo's and I'd like to share-

This bottom lo was of the year I offered to teach an after school art class. It was a lot of fun. There were about 25 kids in it but I've only included my own children in this lo since I was posting on the web. Credits can be found in my gallery. :D

And I haven't posted since last Thursday so I must say- Grey's Anatomy sucked last week! Hahaha I was so happy it was back on after the holidays but to leave us hanging where it did- what was that?!?!

Oh boy, I just looked out the window and the snow is really coming down. I better post this before I lose my connection. Have a fantastic day all and be safe!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snow, snow , and more snow

We woke to about 2" yesterday morning. The kids played all day and we had about 4" when we went to bed last night.

It made for some happy children yesterday. They were thrilled school was out so they could play all day long. The first pic is of my children and the middle is of my dd and her bf. The last is of dd and her snowfriend. It was a beautiful day.

Today we still have snow but now its iced over and kind of icky out the news says. I'm not sure if the school will expect us to venture out in it yet or if it will be another snow day. We shall soon see.

I had fun scrapping yesterday when I wasn't out playing with the kids and dogs. So here's what I was working on. TFL!

This layout was for one of the creative teams I'm on. This pic was taken in November on Mckena.

This lo was all in fun for Digi Dare #18. With all the resolutions and talk of change, the challenge was to do a lo on yourself or someone around you that your would not change. So here's my contribution. Credits for both can be found in my gallery :D

Gwen thanks for the recommendation in the last post. I've never used that before so you know I be giving it a try!

AAAAAAAAaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddd, where will you be tonight? It the beginning of the new year of Grey's. ;)

Monday, January 08, 2007

What- ever!

Just been one of those days. Not a bad day per say, just one that you need to let things roll off your back to get through. Know what I mean?

But now I'm home and heading for the comfy bed shortly... ahhhhhhhh!

Let's see... where are we on the ol' blogger. Yes, Miss McKena is feeling much better and went to school today. I too woke feeling better. Cold sore now half the size of Texas covering my lip. You know I NEVER got these until starting work at my current job. What does that tell us? hehehe.

So my dd had a huge book report due this morning and we stayed up late last night working feverishly with all our scrapbooking supplies to make it look just right. It was done on Paul Revere and she insisted on making it look "old fashioned". You'd never know she was a scrappers daughter. Out on the table we had the cardstock, inkpads, gluesticks, hermafix, markers, paper cutters, ect. It was a mess. But her report turned out AWESOME. And a total side story to this. Bless her little heart, she was working intently on this and she suddenly has the dogs around her feet barking up a storm at the window behind her. She figures it is the cat on the porch as the dog's love to bark at him. So McKena hastily draws up the blinds to show the dogs its just the cat and then I heard it. A scream. A very loud scream. Then she hopped onto a chair. This was like cartoon comical because did she really think she needed to jump on a chair to be safe? Looking back at her was a very very very large opossum. He had to have been 25 pounds. Probably from coming up on our porch and eating all the cat food, but who knows. That sucker was BIG! Needless to say we won't be so liberal in feeding the cat that there is extra left in the bowl from now on. Good bye creature! ;)

So the layout I'm going to share needs a little background before viewing. That should say a lot. lol! This lo was done in fun as a scraplift. Karah's ct decided we would do another member and post . So here's the original of Darcy's that I had the pleasure of borrowing. TFL!

And here's mine~

The journalling is tough to read so this is what is says: "Insanity that is. I've long known that it is one of my traits but this afternoon when McKena decided to decorate my head with chicken feathers I simply had to wonder if this was all my fault. Did I pass this little quirk along to her? When the time is right, I think I'll explain that insanity and humor are synonymous." And credits can be found in my gallery. And thanks for laughing at me. It's all good!

Well, I'm looking forward to Wednesday this week! Darling daughter, her best friend and I are all having a little girls night out. I love Charolett's Web! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait. :D

And I'll end on a little toot. I've been asked and agreed to come aboard the Creative Team for the DigiScrapShak Site. I'm very excited to be able to work with the wonderful designer products there. It's gonna be so much FUN!

Thanks for stopping in and leaving me some luvin'. Hope you all have a super fantastic week!!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Cross has turned out to be an interesting book. I love to read James Patterson novels and enjoy the Alex Cross series. This one is different in the aspect that it is looking back to Alex's past. The reader really gets a better sense of the character and you feel true empathy for some of the trials he's endured. A must read for the JP fans! ;)

So this morning dd woke feeling much better. I noticed she was pretty slugish all day still, even as we were just lounging around. At least she's on the road to recovery. Then there is my sorry butt. I woke this morning to another head cold and my eyes were all goopy. I apologize for giving to much info there. Gotta love excedrin sinus headache... its good stuff!

Not for it to sound like a new years resolution because those we never seem to follow through on, but I simply MUST EXERCISE more. I have a treadmill that has not been used in a while. I even bought an exercise mat and some hand weights a few weeks before Christmas and thought I'd start an exercise routine while I was on break... didn't happen. I know I need to make this happen so that I look and feel better. Tomorrow I will begin!

And on to the scrappy stuff. I've noticed I've been in a scrapping funk lately. I noticed my last few lo's were not my typical. I'm not saying that's bad, just different. Today's is no exception to that. Just a simple lo.

Credits can be found in my gallery. TFL!

I have other scrappin' news I'd like to share with you but that I'll save for the next post. ;)

Have a lovely weekend my friends!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sick kid

Darling daughter was not well today so I was home to take care of her. Poor girl! She slept off and on all morning.

Yesterday I went out shopping and found a little treasure on sale. *grin* Don't you just love a good find!?!?!? Now I had my eye on this handbag at Christmas and it was simply to much of a splurge on myself then, but now and on sale... well ;And then I stopped and replenished my stock of candles. This is our new flavor....

Fruit Smoothie... Yum!!!

And this morning I finished a layout I've been working on a little here and there.

This was of the little snow fall we had back in November. We woke up to an inch or two and so I went out and took a pic before the kids rolled it all up into snowballs. Hehehe.
Well, I should get back to darling daughter. Thanks for visiting!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Let's ring in the New Year

With a new look on my blog, among other things. Yes, I do having higher aspirations for the year 2007. :)

I created a new lo today of the kids playing in the snow. It was fun to do. Kinda gets you into the spirit of this new season... winter! As always... credits can be found in my gallery.

So yesterday we packed up the kids and drove through a drive through to get dinner on our way to the Portland International Raceway. It was a special treat to drive down after dark and see the light show. I took a ton of pics... it was really pretty cool! And then on the way home we stopped by DQ and got ice cream. It was a great evening!

Today we all lounged around the house in our pj's and watched movies. Public service announcement: Little Miss Sunshine is NOT a children's flick! Dh rented the movies for our viewing pleasure and they were all supposed to be family suitable. Of course he read the title and thought 'How can I go wrong?' Sheesh!!! Flip it over and check the ratings guys. Hehehe. This evening we all had dinner with sparkling cider. The kids get a kick out of it every year. This one was no exception. It was all good!

And now, in about an hour, my dh is officially back on work duty. We both have enjoyed the time off. I go back on Tuesday. It was very nice being home and recharging!

Well, I need some coffee. Hope you all have a marvelous Monday!!!


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