Saturday, September 20, 2008

I love the mornings

Really, I'm one of those people that are 'early to bed, early to rise...' So this morning I was sitting here drinking my coffee and thinking of what it is I would like to do this weekend. I'm feeling particularly scrappy which is a good thing. Hopefully I can do a lo or two. I also know that my computer needs some MAJOR clean up... but that can be very time consuming. Darling daughters asthma is flared up right now so I know whatever we do it'll be low key and at home this weekend. Reading what I just typed, I guess I already know what the plans are. I'll get the housework done and then work on the computer. :)

Speaking of the weekend, there is a big PAR-TY going on over at the Digi Chick to launch the new site design. If you want to play, come on over!

I did one lo this week. This is an adorable kit by Cinnamon Designs. The pic is of darling daughter the day she went in for her junor high orientation just before school started this year. She looks too grown up. *sniff sniff*

An update on the Post Office. Well, long story short, apparently a large check was involved in the missing mail report a neighbor was missing. So they went door to door the next few days until they found all the missing mail. So I did get my package in the end. It was kind of strange because the manager called and left a message on my machine with no apologies, just a statement that she guesses she'll need to do some retraining in her office now that the missing mail was found. (Like she was only going to address this because it was now verified that THEY had misdelivered mail.) Hey accidents happen, but this has been going on for a LONG TIME NOW. Hopefully it's all said and done at this point. :)

It was nice this week- I've been letting my hair grow out for a good year now or so. No haircuts. I decided to it was finally long enough and it desperately needed to be shaped up. So I got a haircut. It wasn't a huge change, but the gal gave me a nice haircut and it looks so much better and lays well once again. I'll have to take a pic sometime this weekend.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Post Office

Long story shortened... About a year and a half ago, we started having problems with the mail. We didn't get things we were expecting, we started getting neighbors mail, we were getting things in our mailbox open or packages torn to shreds and all but destroyed. We went in and complained a few times where we were told they "would speak with the mail carrier." We asked if the mail carrier was new because we'd live here for a long time with no problems prior to this but we were told it was the same person. Hmph!

It got better for a while but all summer this has been happening again. Wrong mail delivery, missing mail, and then this week a package I had been expecting last week never came. I called the company that shipped the package Monday and they asked me to give the delivery a little extra time since we had a recent holiday (which seemed quite resonable to me) and said it should be here by Wednesday at the latest. They wanted me to call back Wed. if I didn't get it. It didn't come, I made the call, they traced the package which was sent with a Fed Ex tracking code. It had been delivered to my local post office a week before this. So where was my package?

I called the post office where they had a new manager who was unaware of this history of problems. When I told her the package was missing she said they would look into it. She also informed me that I had a new mail carrier for the last few months. She calls back later in the day to tell me that the mail carrier had a fill in that day for her route and that she has since had a neighbor of mine call and file a missing mail report as well. She said she'd get back to me in a day or two. I called back the company who sent the package and asked what I was supposed to do since I prepaid for this and it was lost in the mail. I expected them to give a phone number where I could file a complaint, however, they came back on the line to let me know that they were going to ship me a second package free of charge. I couldn't believe it. How cool is that?! I didn't expect that at all, but what awesome customer service!

I'll update next week on the post office saga as it continues...

I've been a little scrappy this week. Feeling the fall mojo here's a lo and a paper bag book I made. TFL!

My new work schedule is okay. We are finally getting back into a routine here. Thursday and Friday are definately my favorite work days this school year because I get to teach 6th grade art. I've really been enjoying that! :)

Well, I gotta run. I hope my friends affected by the recent or coming hurricanes are all safe and sound. Thinking of you guys!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Exhausted and broke

Oh yeah this is Ever Thankful, Always Grateful. Let me try this again... I'm thankful it's the weekend because the week was exhausting and I'm grateful to have everything I need for the time being because I'm broke. lol!

Seriously, this week was really hard getting the kids back into the swing of school. And I had to run them around all week to things after school as well. Get this... One night I had to run darling daughter back down to the school where we were supposed to report so that we could be given her math assignment. Apparently, they do Fantasy Football as the entire fall math program at her Junior High. Yes you heard me right. We show up and the staff are proudly wearing football jersey's and were seemingly very excited. Now if I knew anything about football or algebra, this may have been an interesting idea. But truely, the teacher could have been speaking German for that 45 minutes and it would have had the same results. I don't get it! *Sigh!*

The kids started Junior High and High School this year. OMGoodness!!! I always buy clothes and supplies so I knew of those costs. But school fees are killing me. ASB cards, annuals, meal tickets, club fees, fees for some courses and tests.... sports fees, paid for extra meds to leave at school, and so on and so forth. This is crazy! I shall start saving a little each month in January so that this won't be such a shock next year. Now I know. Do you think the kids will understand when there are no presents under the Christmas tree this year?

Although this week was much of a blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr--- This is something that was such a sweet surprise. Look what Karah made as her latest kit release.

And here is what I did with it. This is a pic from my childhood.

And I'll leave you with a few things that I am totally loving this last few weeks. Yankee Peach candles, Sims 2 apartment life, beautiful fall blooms on my hydrangas, the crisp cool fall weather, the spice pumpkin cake daughter makes this time of year, and re-reading the Twilight series with my daughter. :)


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