Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hey peeps!

I have been a bad blogger and I'm sorry!

About three weeks ago we went to the Great Wolf for the weekend and I had a cold. We got there and a few hours later I was down for the count. Yep. Me - the sole supervisor of 4 teenagers for that weekend - sick... not the best combo. The kids were really pretty good though and were helpful to me when they could be. Here's a few pics-

This last week I am finally starting to feel myself again. Just in time to get the seasonal flu shot today- yipee! Not. Lol! I don't mind getting the shot but the flu shot hits me harder than a tetnus and my arm is sore for a week with swelling, bruising, pain - the whole bit. But this is life. :)

Things haven't been all bad here by any means though. We bought this air purifier for our apartment and it is SO nice!

Although we are enjoying our apartment, it is an older one with single pane aluminum windows that get a little bit of a mold/mildew build up. Plus the city we moved to is one with many mills and thus has a fairly large pollution problem. On top of that, my daughter is asthmatic. So this little machine is our new best friend and boy does it do its job well. Lowe's baby!

For the month of September I was a guest for Lauren Reid doing some hybrid work. It was a lot of fun! Here are some of the things I created with her stuff-

And I've been busy creating for Val too - Spotted Dog Designs-

And now that I've flooded you with pics I should really wind this up. I'm feeling better and the kiddos too, so I should be posting more regularly. Darling daughters last volleyball game is on Tuesday this week. That will be the end of the season so we'll have more free time in the afternoons very soon... until the next sport starts that is. ;)

I hope you all have a super fantabulous weekend my friends!

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Trude said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better! Those hybrid projects look gorg!


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